DATE OF EVENT: December, 1996 & August, 1997

After I moved in the Rockies, it was very clear that cities were not for me, but Vancouver was little different. I actually liked the city. The clime is not like the typical Canadian clime it is warm. At least for Canadian standard it is very warm. Unfortunately when I went there, it recorded the one of the coldest weather in past 100 years. It was about -15 °C (5 °F), but I saw Canadians who were walking with T-shirt. Obviously they were not local people, they were like me, from Alberta, or other part of Canada. Sure -15 °C was warm for me coming from -35 °C (-31 °F). Vancouver is a beautiful city too. I liked the design of skyscrapers. A lot of place to go, a lot of people visit Vancouver all around the world. But the best thing about the city if of course nature. Vancouver locates along the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by the Rockies. If you wanna go swimming or surfing in summer, beaches are right there. If you want to go hike or skiing, the mountains are right there for you too.

1996 Christmas, I spent a week in Vancouver, and this was the first time my mom and her sister met my Canadian family. My host family decided to visit their son Trace in Christmas break, so they bought an air ticket for me to visit him together. I called my mom and told her I was going to go Vancouver, then my mom decided to come too. She brought my pair of skies and boots with her, so that I could go skiing. Crowsnest pass had a ski hill. I used to go there every weekend. So I was happy. I had good time. I loved the homemade turkey hamburger. We had a Christmas party and presents. Trace took me a gun-shooting place. It was my first time to shoot a gun. Too bad the target was just a board; I wanted to shoot at real people.

Second time I visited Vancouver was on August 31, 1997. This time I went with My English teacher, his brother, and my friend Jacques, who was F-1 fan to see an INDY race. Unlike last time this trip was busy. A day before the race, we left home and stayed in Calgary. That day we decided to see an I-Max movie, so we went to a theater and how funny they had an INDY car movie. Of course we saw that movie. Next day we waken up at 4 and left to the airport. Arrived at Vancouver and took a limousine taxi to get the circuit. We walked around, visited pit area, saw races. It was fun. After the race, we walked across the downtown, caught our plain and went back to Calgary. Next day, we went to see a football game. I was surprised that people were swearing entire time. Then drove back home.