DATE OF EVENT: December, 1996

It is so funny that people who don't know about curling, think it is a boring and dumb sport. They may think it is even not a sport. Someone throws a rock, and others go nuts sweeping. How strange sport is that? What it the deal here, right? One day I was working at the Otterbein College mailroom, and started talking about curling to ignorant Americans college students how fun it is to play curling and it is a popular sport in Canada. I tried so hard to explain and persuade why curling is so fun. But I failed. Americans laughed at me. I was the only one who knew curling and there was nobody backing up for me. That was exactly what I thought. But it wasn't. Coincidentally there was a repair guy who was quietly doing his job and listening the entire conversation without a word. He said nothing until it became obvious I failed to persuade. He suddenly turned around and said "Actually I am Canadian and I have played curling for 10 years when I was in Canada." And he started explain every aspects of why curling is fun with his gentle and very soft voice.

Any way curling is fun. I played in 2 leagues while I was in Canada, and attended N.I.T. Bonspiel twice. Bonspiel is a curling compotation. And I got first in 96 and second place in 97, although it shouldn't have been second. We lost by points, even though win-lose record was tied, we became second. Since I was first at the first N.I.T. Bonspiel, my name is on the Bonspiel winner's board.