Window Mountain Lake

DATE OF EVENT: September 28-29, 1996

The destination of our 4th backpacking trip was the Window Mountain Lake. The lake is very beautiful and peaceful. And quite many people hike there because it is not hard to get there at all. As a matter of fact, this backpacking was the easiest trip I have done. By the way the picture of the entire lake was taken on July 22, 1998 when I hiked for 2nd time. Do you know what day is July 22nd? It is my birthday. How wonderful way to celebrate my 21st birthday! (I was still young back then.)

Here I am taking video. I was the cameraman. Most of outdoor activities that we did; hiking, rock climbing, camping, backpacking, or even lugging, I carried my camera always, and taped more than 20 hours of videos. At the end of the first year I putted and edited them into a 2-hour documentary movie. The video is one of my very important treasures. It captured best times in my life, and I am sure I will watch it again and again in the future.

Anyway even though the name of the lake is "Window Mountain Lake" the lake is not surrounded by the Window Mountain, instead there is Mt. Ward and others. On the way to the peak of Mt. Ward, we found fresh snow from last week, we decided to have a snow fighting at altitude of I don't know. And then I saw a Ninja. I swear when he looked at me I thought he would kill me. I almost pee on my panty. Look at him. Isn't he scary looking? From the top, you can see the other side of the Crowsnest Mountain. Take a closer look at the first picture. You see there are two guys and me, but I am the only one who is looking at the camera. It is because I told them, "Hey we should point out the Crowsnest Mountain, and don't look at the camera, but look at the mountain." This way I stand out from the rest of guys and the picture becomes MY picture. Wiser one always wins.