Dragon Quest -Capture the ancient lost weapon Bitch Slapper

DATE OF EVENT: August, 1996

The most exciting trip I had was my third backpacking. This trip is still the longest backpacking I have done and defiantly the most memorial trip of all the backpacking trips. I didn't know that the biggest cave in Canada happened to be located in the mountains that I saw everyday. To get the mountain we had to drive to British Colombia and then hike back to Alberta. Before you read this story, I will tell you this story is based on a true story.

Now let the tale talk. Our quest was to capture the ancient lost weapon Bitch Slapper to kill annoying flies. The map, which was found in a hidden room in the king's courthouse a week ago showed that Bitch Slapper located in a cave, called the Eyes of Dragon. It also indicated that there might be a treasure keeper, the red dragon. For this quest the king Phil Cann III commanded the finest 14 heroes around the world: The three Musketeers So Daniel, Jacques the Cockroach, and Spatac Yoshi. The brothers Tomo the Home and Goblin Satoshi from an ancient east city Edo. The leader of the party the Lord Morgan and the rest I will not introduce here.

The first day of quest was really easy. We only hiked for less than 2 hours or so. The party got the place we camped for the first night. There was by far the most beautiful river I had ever seen. The color of the river was beautiful aqua green and the water was extremely cold. I mean it was really cold. All natural water I have touched or drank in Canadian Rocky Mountains are very cold since the water was originally ice, but the water in the camp site was a lot colder as a matter of fact I couldn't keep my hand in the water for more than 45 seconds. Then So Daniel came up with a brilliant idea. He pushed Fox Shigeki into the river for fun, but the water was too cold Shigeki had a heart attack and died. He was the first one to sacrifice his life for the quest of the Bitch Slapper.

Unlike the first day, the next day, we hiked up the hills for three hours. Especially the last one-hour was hard just because the trail was continuously steep and we were carrying all equipments and food in our backpacks plus we had our swards and armors. After a long tough hike we finally got the second campsite where we stayed rest of days. We all exhausted but we had treats. It was blueberries or some kind. It was everywhere. We carefully walked not to step on blueberries and searched for it and ate them a lot. The place we camped was like a picture of mountains you see in year calendars. We were at the totally flat green grass area, which was surrounded by the mountains in 360 degrees. Nice, eh? However, we realized we were in a big trouble. Everybody panicked but me. I said "Calm down everybody, this is why there are staff standing by in Huston. All you have to do is say "Huston we have a problem." Well things don't work that way most of the time I guess. We had to figure it out by ourselves. The problem was we didn't have water source due to the very dry summer we had that year. We had to search again but this time for the water, more important thing than blueberry. After 30 minutes or so we find little water pond. The water was from the ground, which is drinkable water, but the pond had so little water flow, which was a bad news because water that doesn't flow is dangerous to drink such as water from a lake. What made this worse was that the water was caused by evil. Every square inch, there was at least one died bug on the water surface. However, that little pond was only our option, so we had to use that water for drinking and cooking. The stupidly bravest person of the party Mighty Johnny tried the water first. He drank tiny bit, and he went insane. The Priest Takatsugu heard Dodoria Isao yelling, "Mayday mayday. Man down, we need medic!!" Unfortunately by the time Takatsugu got there, Johnny had already died. But Johnny didn't die for nothing, now we know we had to clean the water before we used it. Takatsugu used his magic to clean water.

The next day, the longest day of the trip started with a tragedy. While we were in deep sleep, Historian Ikkan, and Tiger Fukuda were killed by a beat. We made their graves and left the camp to the Eyes of Dragon. The first thing we had to do was to climb very steep hill. The hill was little to dangerous to climb straight, so we had to go up zigzag. The Dog Yutaka slipped his step. He grabbed Satoshi but Satoshi couldn't hold Yutaka. Satoshi called for help. His brother Tomo the Home tried to help his brother, but he failed. Both Yutaka and Satoshi fell down the cliff and died. After the cliff, there was a big flat area. There was nothing but flat area. We walked and walked for hours. The Load Morgan order to stop and he explained that we were at the border of British Colombia and Alberta. He also told us that a green valley we could see from there was the place he proposed his wife Linda. His face turned red afterward. More we got closer the cave we start seeing holes everywhere. We had to walk carefully because some of the holes were big and deep. We started to climb again to the entrace of the cave.

The entrace located about 2500 m high (7500 ft). At the entrace we rest little while and prepared to go in the Eyes of Dragon. Suddenly we were attaced by a ghost of climber and the Priest Takatsugu was killed and we didn't know how to fight against the ghost without the priest, we ran away to the cave in harry. Inside the cave was very interesting because it was my first time and only time I have been in a real cave. The size of the cave was very huge. Our map was about 4-page letter size big and we hiked in the cave for 150 minutes. On the map we only exploered 1/4 of a letter page. Inside was totally dark. We couldn't see anything without fire. It was very cold inside too. Probably it was 10 °C (40 °F) or less. We had to really carefull where we step because there were holes everywhere and it was so dark we couldn't see well. We really didn't do much inside. We walked, and threw rocks to see how deep the holes were, but I had fun. We saw many formations. But remember our purpose was not to have fun; we had to find the Bitch Slapper. After serching for one hour, we find a small secret path and find Bitch Slapper. Spatack Yoshi reached the Slapper, but it was a trap. The entrance was closed by a big heavy rock and we were traped. It was quite and nothing was happened. Then we heard a loud roar. The wall was separate into half and a big hole was made. In the darkness of the big hole, two glaring things appeared. We immideately knew these were the eyes of the red dragon. Good news and a bad news. The bad news was we had to fight against the dragon. The good news was if somehow we could run away from the dragon to the hole, we might have found an exit. This was our plan; we divided the party into two. One group went around right side of the dragon and other group went left side. The load Morgan yelled, "Ready, get, and go!" Everyone ran to the hole. The dragon wasn't that stupid. It blew fire. The Fire burned Tomo the Home, and the dragon was ready to blow another fire. The Load Morgan ordered to the rest of the party to keep going and he turned around to fight the dragon by himself. The Kungfu master Way the sub leader of the party followed Morgan to help him. Jacques said, "Where are you going, Way? No way!" "You keep going and make sure you deliver Bitch Slapper to the king", Way responded. The three Musketeers and Dodoria Isao succesfully escaped. By the time we arrived the campsite it was dark. We hiked about 10 or more hours that day.

The next morning, we left toward the king's castle. When the hike is almost over, suddenly the earth shaked and we heard a big explosion. Volcano. The magma was flowing toward us so fast, we had to run. "We are not running fast enough, the magma will catch us. The backpack is too heavy." Yoshi said. The sound of an automobile was closing on us. We looked back and there was Morgan driving his truck. We all said, "Morgan, you are alive!" "Guys put your backpack on the back of the truck." Moragn said. Now we could run fast enough except, Isao. He could not make it. At the end The Load Morgan and the three Musketeers So Daniel, Jacques the Cockroach, and Spatac Yoshi suvived. They delivered Bitch Slapper to Phill Cann III and the king's peace was promised.