Turtle Mountain and Flank Slide

DATE OF EVENT: To Many Times

I don't clearly remember how many times I have climbed this mountain. Maybe four times. Defiantly one of two most familiar mountains to me is the Turtle Mountain. It is relatively easy to climb. This mountain is a great place to view the Crowsnest Pass. Look at the picture! Basically you climb up the hill, you will get a place where I call the second peak. Then you have to go down quite a distance, which of course makes me tired, but that you have to do to get the peak. Yappy now you are at the top, but actually there is more than one peak in this mountain. I really don't know which peak is the highest. I have reached two of them.

From the top you can see the whole town, but also you can see the Flank Slide. The Flank Slide is very famous place in Alberta. As a matter of fact, there is a huge picture of the slide at the Calgary Airport. The Crowsnest Pass used to be a big coal-mining place. People came here to find a mining job and they dug and dug and dug the Turtle Mountain everyday. One midnight when everyone was sleeping, the mountain slide occurred. I think nearly 1/3 of the mountain slid down over a town, Flank, which is a part of the Crowsnest Pass and killed many people. They are still under the rocks.

Picture cannot tell you the magnificence of the slide, but since it is difficult to say to go there, I will put some pictures for you. Some of the pictures are from my bike trip. Don't think it is sunset because it is not. It is sunrise. I am a morning person; I go biking in early morning before the sunrise.