Beginning of My Life

CATEGOLY: School Days
DATE OF EVENT: June, 1996

The memorial moment of tape cut, and it was the beginning of my turning point. It was just an ordinary day. Just after receiving an acceptance from a University in Japan. I was in class drawing an architectural plan, and realized something was going on in class. I looked around and found that the teacher was distributing something, so I went to see it. It was a brochure about studying abroad in Canada. I read it, and that moment I decided to go to Canada and my volition was as hard as the feeling of hitting asphalt from falling down from a bike. I went home straight. As soon as I got home, I showed the brochure to my mom and just said, "I am going." About six months later, I was standing on the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

This building was a historical building and it was used to be a courthouse. As a matter of fact the basement was used for ping-pong battlefield for our purpose but it was used to be a jail and there was a steal door. This courthouse was renovated as a small campus for 12 Japanese students.