Ski mates

DATE OF EVENT: 1994-199

The most thing I enjoy during this life time was skiing. I was a ski nut and so was my two of ski mates, Taka and Kota. Taka was the best one among us and I have to say he is expert level. Kota and I was about the same level and we were almost expert but not quite.

In summer time, we read ski magazines, watched ski videos, and went to an indoor ski hill. We always talked about ski. When the ski season came, we were pumped up 100 percent and went skiing as many times as we could. Our schedule was simple. We went a ski hill, around 9 to 11 in the morning and kept skiing until 9 or 10 in the evening, whenever the ski hill closed. Came back and then played video games. Our favorite game was golf. After a long day skiing, playing the golf game was hard because we were half sleep. The one who had the clearest mind won the game because the ones who were sleepy could not hit the ball straight so the ball went out of bound. It was a survival golf game I would say. After playing the survival golf game, we finally went to bed. Then next morning we woke up and did the same thing all over again. I was young I guess.