CATEGOLY: Funny/School Days

As many of you already know I am a master of lying. It funny I can lie with a serious face as long as I am lying for fun, but I can never able to lie when I feel guilty. No matter how hard I tried to lie about bad things, my mom always knew I was lying, so I learned not to lie to my mom.

Anyway, this is the story. After a few weeks in my high school, I made some friends who really didn't know who really I was, so one day I decided to tell a big lie. To get to know classmates and school rules, I had what they called group-training camp. We went to far away from home and stayed school's distance dormitory for a week. It was a perfect opportunity to me to lie. I picked one guy who seemed easily believe what I say and somehow I figured out that he was afraid of ghosts. So, I as master of lying, I told him I was a psychic and I could see and feel them. I said to him, "Don't look outside from your window because I can feel there is a very strong evil ghost in that direction. Not too far away. If you look that way he might come here, so don't look that way." He believed me 100%. He looked so serious and I could see fear in his face. Next morning, he called me. He wasn't look good, and he said, "So, I could not sleep well last night because I could feel the evil power from the window. What you told me yesterday was right." I was laughing so hard in my stomach but I am the master, my face was serious and told him do whatever I say. I quickly went back to my room and told my friends what was going on with him and me. Near the end of this camp the teachers gave us to go buy some souvenir, so we went shoping. Of course he came with me. One shop we visited, they had rocks, which has a Chinese letter of luck, happiness, or that kinds of thing. It cost only $2.00. When I saw it, I came up with other idea. I said to him, "You should buy this rock. I can feel a power that can drive out the evils. I can pick one that has very strong power for you." So I pretended I was searching for a rock that had a strong power, but really I just randomly picked. He bought it and he was happy. So I told him "Hey Degawa." His name was Mr. Degawa. "You know I told you a lot of things in this camp. You think I am psychic, but the truth is… hell no loser." Mr. Degawa was my one of close high school friend even though I lied to him.