Tokyo Technical High School

CATEGOLY: School Days
DATE OF EVENT: 1993-1996

Tokyo Technical High School was one of the strangest places I have been. Here are some things I want to tell you.

Why? 1: Once a month, all the students, which were about 2000, lined up in the schoolyard. The surface of the schoolyard was concrete and total area of about one basketball court and two tennis courts. Can you imagine 2000 people fitting in such a small area? I felt like being in a huge dance club.

Why? 2: Once a month, we had to get hair cut. There was a description that described how long was ok, and how long was not ok. Die hair or permanent were not allowed. People who had natural wave hair had to have a proof card, which was established by the school. There were three ranks, which were "strong natural wave", "medium natural wave", and "little natural wave." The ones who could not pass the hair cut test, had to leave school and get hair cut.

Why? 3: A half naked teacher trying to take a bath at a basin in a hallway after seven o'clock.

Why? 4: Two heavily drank teachers walking across classroom.

Why? 5: Every morning I had to listen to the school song.

Why? 6: At the lunch break students enjoyed playing basketball. They shared one court with more than ten different teams.

Why? 7: Our school uniform was gakuran, which is a black standard school uniform. However our gakuran wasn't black but it was check with dark blue and light blue, which looked like gray. A Gray color gakuran was extremely odd, and sitting in classroom and looking at the check gakurans was painful for eyes.