Junior high school graduation

CATEGOLY: School Days
DATE OF EVENT: March 12, 1993

This is a picture of my classmates in our classroom after graduation. Everyone was busy to say good-bye to friends and to take pictures, but me. I was already ready to go home. If you see the picture you see I am kind of isolated because I was just about to leave. I mean we took the same picture zillions times, as a matter of fact I have a few picture that are almost the same as this picture. I picked the one I am isolated for posting in my Web site, because it is kind of funny. Only the difference between these pictures is that this guy closed eyes in this picture, this girl looks funny in this one and this idiot looks scary in this one. So there is no point to take so many the same kind of picture. That was why I was ready to leave and I was saying "come on guys let's go home."

I have no connection to anyone of them except one. Isn't it suck? There are 10 friends in this picture who were close to me, but I don't know what are they up to now, where do they live, how they are doing, or even do I remember their name?

Anyway the one who still I have contact is Akiko. One day I received a package from my mom and there was a postcard from Akiko. I thought it is funny how this hello to So letter started. She was a bank teller and one day she had a customer whose name was Nakagawa, which is my last name. She thought about me and wrote a latter. Of course I was in U.S. and the latter was sent to my parent's house in Japan, so my mom had to send it to me. The letter traveled a long way from Japan to Ohio, and finally I received it. There was her e-mail address, so that how we started to know each other after long silent days.