CATEGOLY: Sadness/School Days
DATE OF EVENT: July 22, 1992

I was the captain of Hoda Junior High School Basketball Team, although my team wasn't strong. To be honest I didn't enjoy playing much. We had morning practice from 7:00 to 8:00, and afternoon practice from 3:30 to 6:30 in summer, and 5:30 in winter everyday. On weekends, we had either more practice or games. How suck! We deserved rest too! Everyday was too much. My junior high school life was simple, got up at 6 and went to school, practiced, took class, practice, went back home and slept.

Why am I writing about this? There is a story I want to share with you. The last basketball game, our opponent was probably 8th best team in our region. Of course it was obvious, we wouldn't win this one, and we lost. However, I was happy not because I didn't have to practice anymore, because how I played. I carried the ball from opponent side to my side, I ran so hard, I tired to get the basket so many times. At the last game, I was playing as hard as I could, using every stamina and muscle, giving all I had from what I learned from past 3 years. It was the first time ever I had played that hard, and it was the first time ever I had felt I was really enjoying the game. I enjoyed every single moments of it.

After the game ended, we bowed to the audience and referees, then went to where the couch was to listen to what he had to say about the game as we did always. I don't know the couch may have noticed I was about to cry, he said nothing but "good job" and we dismissed. I quickly and quietly went to the place where my bag was and started crying. I cried for 1 hour. I could not stop it. I didn't know why I cried but now I think I know why. Probably it was for regretting not trying my best until the last game and finally realizing how enjoyable to play. But it was of course too late. My friends had to wait until I stop crying to take this picture, hehehe. Oh my, as I was writing I realized that actually it was my 15th birthday.