Takakyuki Nezuka and Takuya Mikami

DATE OF EVENT: March 4, 1992

They are my best friends. I really mean they are my best friends. When I had a class member change in grade 8th, we became classmates. They are the coolest.

Takayuki is the one on the right. He was in the baseball team in school and his batting position was 3rd which means he is the man to count on when it comes to get score. Takuya is the one in the middle. He was in the soccer team and he was the captain of the soccer team but also the leader of this trio. And I am on the left and II was in the school basketball team and also I was the captain actually.

We had tons of fun together. We always hung out together, we always did something together, and we always sang together. It was always them and when we were together I felt there was nothing that we couldn't do. It was unbelievable I spent so much time with them because usually I go everywhere by myself and do whatever by myself. I still believe they were the best and we were the golden trio.

After we graduated school, we have got together only twice when our friend died. And when other friend got married which was when I was 21 or 22. I had time to stay their house and we had a long midnight talk. It was just nice to see and talk to them.

We talked about what we did after we graduated the school. Unlike me both of them continued playing baseball and soccer. In high school baseball team, Takayuki was the 4th batter with number 10 with means the team captain. He told me that his team was really strong, as a matter of fact his team was one of the best teams in the region and he almost made the national high school baseball tournament which is probably equivalent of college football in US.

Takuya was of course the captain again in high school soccer team but not only that he was chosen for the best 11-soccer player in the region. See I told you they are the coolest.

When we were together, I often thought it was unreal that I was their best friend because they were so cool. On the night of reunion, I said to them "I have never had as good friends as you guys since them. You are my true best friends." It was my honest feeling and I didn't think they feel the same way as I did, but I was so wrong. Both Takayuki and Takuya said the same thing to me. Cheers for our future and friendship.