A hand-knit scarf

UPDATED DATE: 2003-07-23

I have had many crushes before so has some one had crush on me, but no one but this person I knew in junior high showed how much she cared about me more than anybody else. Nagatani and I went to the same elementary school as well as junior high school, so we knew each other quite a while, but I had no idea that she had crush on me. I was surprised when she told me that, and she gave me a white hand-knit scarf. Honestly that scarf wasn’t a good scarf. She knitted the scarf tight in one place and loose in other places. But it doesn’t really matter doesn't it? The most important thing is that she thought of me so much, and she probably redone knitting again and again, and spent so much time to make the scarf for me. It is by far the most wonderful thing somebody did for me.