The first, worst, and most idiot English teacher

CATEGOLY: Funny/School Days

In Japan, all students have to take English classes from grade 7th until the end of college education usually. So when I enrolled in my junior high school, I have to start taking some English classes.

I don't remember my techer's name, so I will call him idiot for now. Unfortunately he was the first English teacher. I think the first class is very important because how he or she teaches effects rest of students' attitude toward learning. He was horrible. I don't still understand why a person like him can be a teacher. All he did in class was made us to read stories in the textbook out loud. Every time through the first year, we read the same stories again and again. I did learn nothing from his class.

On top of that, he wasn't good person. He was one of those teachers who only knew to yell. One day he decided to check how students were keeping up homework, and he found that many students weren't. He got extremely angry and he ordered to all the students to stand up, and started yelling and screaming. He randomly checked students' homework notes, it seemed every time he found more students were not doing homework, he got angrier. Finally he picked one girl who was quite smart and she was a good student too. However, she wasn't keeping up homework, and as soon as he found it out, he threw away everything that were on her desk. Then his anger was targeted only at the poor girl. She cried, but he didn't quit.

Now you know why he was the worst English teacher, and this is why he was the most idiot teacher. After yelling and screaming for 30 minutes, the idiot got tired probably and he decided to sit down. He walked toward the front of classroom, and picked a chair. The idiot didn't chose to sit his chair but the chair that was intentionally put away, and obviously had not been used for a long time. As the idiot reaching the chair, I was recalling my memory of the chair. A few weeks ago, my friends and I was playing with that chair because we found the chair was broken. It was missing a reinforcing bar so that no matter how carefully you sit, it would fall a part and you can guess what will happen to the person. The idiot was angry; he grabbed the chair and plumped down. Next thing we saw was the idiot fell down from the chair and rolling over on the floor. Guhahahahahaha he deserved it.