Yuka Sase

CATEGOLY: Mean/School Days

I have never been mean to people as much as I had to her. So I want to apologize to her some day if I have a chance. I don't know where she lives now. We used to be really good friends when we were in elementally school. We sometimes played after school. Then what went wrong?

It all began when we enrolled the same junior high school. After only a week in the school, she gave me a love letter in hallway. Of course there were many people including my classmates. They saw every thing and when I went back to my class, everybody was talking about me. People gathered around me and told me to open the letter even somebody weren't my friends. I denied but no matter what I said, they took the letter away and opened it and read it. Now every one found out it was a love letter. Then her best friend came to me and yelled at me, "Why did you show the letter to everyone?" Then I got mad.

From that day we weren't friend anymore. I did pretty nasty things to her such as calling her bad names. After I graduated the school, I felt so awful about what I did to her. But I moved away and I didn't have any contact with my friends so I lost where everybody were after we graduated. I sometimes thought about her and felt bad and wanted to apologize. But I didn't know how I reach her until I got a letter from her 3 years after the graduation. It was just before I left Japan to Canada. I had a lot of things to do at that time and I thought there was no way to write back so I would bring the letter to Canada and after I get there, I would write back. But But But, this perfect human So Nakagawa forgot to bring it with me to Canada. Now I am not sure where the letter is. It has been sitting somewhere in my house's little maze for 4 years. I am sorry.