Mount Erickson | 2011-10-09

Mount Erickson
  • Location: British Columbia
  • Activity: Scrambling
  • Height: 2,485 m (8,153 ft)
  • Elevation Gain: 1,350 m (4,429 ft)
  • Distance: 16.8 km / Loop (10.4 mi)
  • Avg Steepness: 9.1°
  • Estimated Time: 6-9 hrs
  • Technicality: Intermediate
  • Fitness Level: Hard

From yesterday’s Chinook attempt, I had better idea of how much snow now. My original plan was Mount Tecumseh, but after seeing avalanches in Flathead range I didn’t think it would be wise to step on Tecumseh’s ascent slope. And unlike Chinook, I don’t think you can try to get away with avalanche slope on Tecumseh. So I came up with another plan, Mount Erickson. This peak can be seen from HWY 3. It’s locates just after AB/BC boarder.

Roughly 7 km after the AB/BC boarder (driving from AB), there is a tiny bridge. 1.2 km from the bridge there are 2 big opening on left side of the highway 3. Park on one of the openings and Alexander Creek Alt. route trailhead should be between these 2 openings.

No approach. It starts right at the highway. Follow Alexander Creek Alt. route until power line then turn left and grasswhack towards a tower on top of hill. Near the tower you should find another road. I used that road until it made U-turn and started descending. From this point on there was no trails that I encounter. However bush was so separated out that it was hardly bushwhacking. Ridge pretty much goes to the summit. From station at south end of summit ridge (page 6), the ridge became little narrow, but with normal condition the ridge should not be any problem.

I recommend to go back the same way… Ascent route was so nice, but I still decided to take alternate descent route. My descent route started with snow covered steep slab & grass hill. Then bouldering, then bushwhacking, then bushwhacking on dead falls every square meters , then without realizing I made 180 degree loop. Instead of going towards a road I saw from higher up, I was going back to Erickson. Suddenly a big uphill showed up in front of me, I was puzzled. Of course there should be a big hill because I was ascending at this point. My GPS was consistently showing N and S upside down but actually GPS was right and I was disoriented and having N and S opposite. I just didn’t believe my new GPS’s electronic compass as it sometimes doesn’t point right way and forgetting normal compass at home didn’t help. Thanks to Flathead range, I recognized the mountains and realized my north was actually south. Once I find Alexander Creek Rd, descent went so fast.

I am not sure if Alexander Creek Rd is open for public. If it is open for public you can actually drive up to the power line. Not that it is much advantage.


Mount Erickson | 2011-10-09

Easy bushwhacking.


Mount Erickson | 2011-10-09

Looks like I am going to be on Neptune.


Mount Erickson | 2011-10-09

Mining field.


Mount Erickson | 2011-10-09

Looking back the first high point before departing Earth.


Mount Erickson | 2011-10-09

Communication tower with peeps on Earth.


Mount Erickson | 2011-10-09

Neptune spacecraft dock.


Mount Erickson | 2011-10-09

Bouldering on alternate descent route.


Mount Erickson | 2011-10-09

Nasty bushwhacking.


Mount Erickson | 2011-10-09

I made u-turn while bushwhacking, instead of going down, I came back to where I came down. I was confused. I even went up the hill thinking there will be a downhill after this but all I saw was more uphills… (*'ρ'*)