Lakeview Ridge SE Peak | 2010-10-27

Lakeview Ridge SE Peak
  • Location: Waterton Lakes National Park
  • Activity: Scrambling
  • Height: 1,784 m (5,853 ft)
  • Elevation Gain: 500 m (1,641 ft)
  • Distance: 8.7 km / Loop (5.4 mi)
  • Avg Steepness: 6.6°
  • Estimated Time: 2.5-4 hrs
  • Technicality: Advanced
  • Fitness Level: Easy

I had to drive to Carway US/Canada border to upgrade my immigration status from temporary slave to landed idiot. So to test my idiocy, I decided to drive to Waterton and do a short hike without preparation or proper equipment. All I knew was there was a small ridge I always wanted to do.

So the small ridge turned out to be called Lakeview Ridge. I parked my car at Bison Paddock Viewpoint which was right at the park boundary. Not knowing if there were trails or not, I had to relay on my instinct. I wanted to use SE ridge to gain elevation but animal trails I found went farther away from SE ridge and by the time I got to near the mountain I was directly below SE peak (page 5). I found there were 2 ways I could go up from where I was. Either take scree slope little north of where I was or use a gully in front of me. So I took gully. It took no time to get up to the ridge top. There was one moderate scramble spot right before the ridge top but other than that it was easy scramble. Turned out to be this route was good because I was protected from strong wind while I was in the gully. The peak was less than 1 min away from there.

From SE peak, I could see where openings were and clearly SE ridge route, which I wanted to go, had more openings. I found out this route had a good trail. I recommend this way. So instead I will talk like I used this trail for ascent instead of descent. To find this trail, start from going over a fence (or under if you are a short person) which divide park boundary near the parking lot. Then keep walking grass land with cows for a while. If you are thirsty, you know what to do! Eventually you need to across a creek. Stay somewhat close to the creek after crossing it and keep walking towards woods. Near woods, I found tracks for cars (probably farmer’s). I followed this track and eventually this became trail. Following the trail will hit park boundary fence again and you will find another trail going left to right along the fence there. Go to left. If you go right, you will end up my ascent route. Simply follow the trail for the rest of the way. It should be easy hike.


Lakeview Ridge SE Peak | 2010-10-27

At the US/Can boarder. I couldn't help taking picture. I believe this is called Chief Mountain.


Lakeview Ridge SE Peak | 2010-10-27

Lakeview Ridge from parking lot.


Lakeview Ridge SE Peak | 2010-10-27

The peak on very left is Mount Galwey and the peak on very right is Mount Dungarvan.


Lakeview Ridge SE Peak | 2010-10-27

The animal trail I took got me where I wasn't planed, but still ok. Mouseover for line. Right line is my route. Left line is easier route.


Lakeview Ridge SE Peak | 2010-10-27

Who wants to waste such a nice day. Believe or not driving from Calgary to Fort MacLeod and on the way back, it was covered by very low clouds which was so low I thought it was fog.


Lakeview Ridge SE Peak | 2010-10-27



Lakeview Ridge SE Peak | 2010-10-27

From the summit taking picture of NE ridge.


Lakeview Ridge SE Peak | 2010-10-27

Determinimg better route to go back. Mouseover for line which shows where trail was.


Lakeview Ridge SE Peak | 2010-10-27

I was totally prepared for this… Least I had hiking boots and poles in my car and there is no surprise that I had my camera. After all I am not yet Canadian. I am still Japanese, the Camera nation. But but but I am not just a typical Japanese, I am Japanese with handheld GPS. Essential gear for my website updates!!


Lakeview Ridge SE Peak | 2010-10-27

See you later Cathy and thank you for sharing your milk!