GR805317 Attempt | 2012-01-02

GR805317 (Attempt)
  • Location: Crowsnest Pass
  • Activity: Scrambling

After a failed attempt on Phillipps Peak in Crowsnest Pass, I always wanted to give it a one more shot. I know east ridge or south ridge approach is not possible so if it can be done, then it has to be west ridge approach.

Soon after the trailhead, view opened up and I could see the ridge and the summit. Without much of observation it was clear that west ridge approach to Phillipps is even worse than south ridge approach (page 3)... So I had to change to plan B, just a ridge walk. However unexpectedly this ridge seemed to have many rockbands that the best route I could see was a ridge far left. With the help of Phillipps Pass road, I could get to the bottom of the ridge no problem but I ended up turning around due to too much snow without snowshoes...


GR805317 Attempt | 2012-01-02

Such difference between east and west side of Great Divide. Sooooooooooo much snow this side. No snow on Turtle, no snow in Waterton, So much snow here.


GR805317 Attempt | 2012-01-02

The summit block of Phillipps. I failed at the band at right when I approached from south ridge. The rockband on the left looks twice as big as the right one.


GR805317 Attempt | 2012-01-02

Just like Phillipps, Erickson has lots of snow. Now I know why Nugara failed on Erickson in winter without snowshoes. The same reason why I turned around here…


GR805317 Attempt | 2012-01-02

On the road, the snow was more like spring snow. Hard on the surface but not hard enough to hold my weight. So as soon as I shift my weight my foot punched through. But only for few inches. Still I was a man with little regret not brining snowshoes at this point.


GR805317 Attempt | 2012-01-02

After struggling to go up last 200 m on ridge, I was a man (I thought cold snow will shrink my penis and will become a woman soon) with lots of regrets.


GR805317 Attempt | 2012-01-02

I found a viewpoint and it only discouraged me to go farther… I decided to have late lunch and turned around.


GR805317 Attempt | 2012-01-02

Beautiful Flathead Range.


GR805317 Attempt | 2012-01-02

First time I felt that I am in winter mountain this season.