2011 Q1 | 2011-01-01

On the way back from Ruby Ridge in Waterton National Park. I thought ridge top was windy, Pincher Creek was having even worse…


2011 Q1 | 2011-01-01

Nowadays the first thing my niece says when I visit Crowsnest is "Can I play with your computer (iPad)."


2011 Q1 | 2011-01-01



2011 Q1 | 2011-01-01

Sleeping over at child kingdom.


2011 Q1 | 2011-01-01

Quiet moment.


2011 Q1 | 2011-01-02

Unlike my brother who wrapped my iPad and gave it to me as Christmas present, my sister gave me MEC's gift card. I bought some warm stuff.


2011 Q1 | 2011-01-13

For a long time I wasn't sure what to do with my panorama pictures. Now I found a local guy who loves photo and printing. He runs his business in SW. He will suggest color adjustments and type of papers depending on pictures. You can find out more about his business at resolvephoto.ca. I keep printing my photos since then. And if you care, yes it is my favorite dancer of all time, Kayla from So You Think You Can Dance US on my screen.


2011 Q1 | 2011-01-13

I was invited to a dinner party at Ferenc's place. People showed up this party were wow. Mouseover for peak beggar pointers. Lets start with Sonny, the man who is fearless enough to go for Smuts as his only second scramble ever. Marta who begged all peaks in Kane's book. Rafal, if you think my pictures are scary wait until you see his pictures. Calvin, born and raised in Calgary. The best peak identifier I know. Andrew, I think many of peak beggars know him, the author of More Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies. Ferenc, in my opinion, his is the craziest winter scrambler. I wouldn't even try some of the peaks he had done in winter time. And at last, legendry Rick. 1300 peaks in his resume including all 54 11,000ers.


2011 Q1 | 2011-01-17

Laragh and Caprica playing.


2011 Q1 | 2011-02-12

Undocumented attempt. I was trying to go for a peak in Waterton, but wind was way too strong. It was literary ZERO visibility at some point. This picture isn't the worst moment.


2011 Q1 | 2011-03-26

Caprica protecting her snack from me… Her big sister always shares with me…


2011 Q1 | 2011-03-26

I found Caprica is less into iPad than Laragh.