Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-04-29

This is a special episod tributed to Mark Evans, the Boss!! He only stayed in the Canadian Rockis for less than one year.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-04-29

I am sure many of you are wondering who is he anyway right? So this is scan from Scats and Tracks of North America written by himself. It's pretty funny. (Mouseover to see my description as well)


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-06-28

So far I have joined one event from each outdoor organizations, COC, CORE, and Calgary Scramble & Mountaineering Club. Paget was an event from Calgary Scramble & Mountaineering Club. Back then joining Calgary Scramble & Mountaineering Club's events was free. But now Calgary Scramble & Mountaineering Club charges. And I wish the club name "Calgary Scramble & Mountaineering Club" is shorter (no offense). Anyway Mark was there. After this trip I was recruited to his party.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-07-12

I met his other recruits, Ali and Wil. Also this is when I found out Mark loves crazy stuff. So I used to call him "Crazy guy from UK". I also noticed his obsession with maps. I was quite amazed how many peaks he could already identify considering he came here only a month ago or so at that time.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-08-01

I met the last core team member, Shaun. The highlight of this scramble was defiantly going over what Kane describes as "the narrow, rotten ridge crest" which he suggest to avoid... This scramble really set the tone of what to come.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-08-02

One of rare peak which Mark did. Why it is rare? That is because Temple doesn't have ridge. That man loves ridge so much I gave his another nickname "ridgewalker".


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-08-03

Holy Cross had a lot of challenging scrambles. None of us have done climber's scramble back then, we were wondering how difficult is climber's compared to two of the most difficult scrambles we encountered at Holy Cross. At the end of summer after Smuts, Fox, Lineham Creek Peaks, Lougheed, we agreed these optional scrambles we did at Holy Cross were more difficult in terms of actual climbing.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-08-08

We have done part of "the big traverse" from Nugara's book. Mark and I still disagree "the big traverse" is not doable. I think it's too long!!.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-08-09

The day I showed fear… That stupid ridge!


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-08-15

Mark, the ridgewalker finally had chance to taste of Lady Mc.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-08-22

Our first climber's scramble, Lougheed 3 peaks traverse. The peak 2 from peak 1 looked pretty much vertical. We were like "are you kidding us?!" This scramble is my favorite.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-08-23

After a long long day at Lougheed. We were at Canmore eating fast food. Ali said "What's tomorrow? " I said "Let's do something shorter and easier after a hard and long scramble." So Mark picked Fox which turned out to be mentally and physically more demanding than Lougheed. I have never scrambled more than I did at Fox in a day. We spent almost 23 hours of scrambling total that weekend.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-08-29

Warspite Invincible traverse maybe the most talked about scramble among us. Oh god, that hardcore ridge route at Invincible was simply crazy. Even the ridgewalker hesitated a little. Oh yeah can't forget about the missing bridge. We couldn't walk across a river and we had to backtrack. We ended the hike 1:30 am next day.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-09-05

On the way back to the car, of course Mark didn't choose to go normal descent route instead ridgewalker picked a ridge and this was what we had to face.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-09-12

Mark and Ali's favorite. Both Mark and I learned Ali cannot be a scout because he won't go take a look and report back instead he leaves us behind. We were calling his name again and again and waited for 15 min until we saw bean size Ali hanging on slab.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-09-13

Mark told me when he saw pictures from Smuts in the book, he thought he won't be doing this one, but if I am correct, he was the first one who mentioned Smuts. It was on the way home from Fox.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-09-19

Compression was major disappointment for us. It wasn't hard enough, so we had to find ourselves something to entertain. The rock fin was fun but, nothing beats this down climb. That was Mark's decision and I opposed because this slab down climb was simply didn't look... This is where his legendary phrase "This is doable" was born.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-09-26

Mark and I came here twice. The first time it was cold, windy, and it was snowing. Wet green rock slabs kicked our butts. So we came back a week later. We told rest of the member how difficult this was despite it is rated moderate. Well with dry condition it wasn't so difficult...


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-10-10

Thankgivining day long weekend. I invited Mark to my Canadian family's house in Crowsnest.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-10-11

Next day we went Lost Mountain. I learned one thing. I will never bring anybody who haven't experienced Canadian winter to winter scramble in a cold day. It was -10 at bottom, -20 at top. We were out there for 8 hours or so. Mark was shaking, I had to crank the heat up all the way, I was boiling in the car but he was still shaking. We had to stop at a hospital.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-10-18

The last scramble with Mark… was supposed to be.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-11-14

A month later, we were waiting at usual meeting place in early Saturday morning, a crazy guys showed. He was dressed with Scream movie's costume and screaming and running towards us. It was Mark who was supposed to go back to UK. He found a job and decided to stay longer.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-11-21

The harshest winter scramble of the season. It was so bloody cold, bloody windy, and no visibility. Wet snow kept sticking on poles, on clothes even on glasses.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-12-12

Mark's first snowshoeing. He wasn't impressed at all.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-12-20

We missed a turn resulting bushwhacking from hell, but managed to summit.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2009-12-28

The last one of 2009. My top 5 of the year and both Mark and I enjoyed the spectacular views.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2010-01-10

Well we kinda ended up near Mount Buller and not the Buller Pass Peak… We went up too early hoping the ridge will take us to the peak but it didn't… Opps.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2010-01-17

Long Canadian winter went on and on, Mark was slowly faded from winter scrambling. I guess winter scramble wasn't his thing. Well what the heck he loves death ridges. Can't do those in winter.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2010-03-06

Overnight trip. Mark at Wilcox Pass and Athabasca behind. I am glad we did this overnight cause more people joined and we had fun at hostel we stayed.


Scrambling with Mark Evans | 2010-03-07

The last of the 30 scrambles with Mark and this time for real. We went to Crystal Ridge. Now he's really gone. All I can do now is to make fun of his Facebook profile pictures. I know he already know this but I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU !!