Fall to Winter 09 | 2009-09-23

I spend $200 for Jannu GTX, Gore-tex & Vibram boots from The North Face. It only took 3 hours to break while trying them out on a totally flat trail. TNF sent me a brand new boots, but after ONLY 6 hikes this is what happened. My old boots lasted 50 to 70 hikes. THIS IS TOTALLY BULLSHIT!! I emailed them and they NEVER responded.


Fall to Winter 09 | 2009-10-12

Thanksgiving weekend. I brought a homeless British to my family's place to spend some time with us. Laragh said "… Who are you?"


Fall to Winter 09 | 2009-10-12

After nearly 4 years, I still don't know how to spell this cat's name.


Fall to Winter 09 | 2009-10-12

So this is the replacement of the crappiest The North Face hiking boots. Scarpa's boots designed for real thing!! I have used these boots for 24 times already and so far I love them.


Fall to Winter 09 | 2009-11-17

I broke my beloved camera while hiking on Mount Howard. It was brutally windy and I got knocked down. So I bought new one. It's Canon PowerShot SX200 IS. There are pros and cons comparing with the old camera, but 2 things I really like about new one are - it is wide angle and its 3 in monitor. I also noticed the color comes out closer to what I remember seeing with my eyes. I don't know if it is because of lens or new generation chip.


Fall to Winter 09 | 2009-12-05

Two weeks in a row Calgary got heavy snow on Fridays. When I went outside next day, I saw this much of snow. Even though it was about 30 cm or so, strong wind carried snow and made snow banks like this.


Fall to Winter 09 | 2009-12-05

…and my car got stuck and I couldn't use my car.


Fall to Winter 09 | 2009-12-05

My neighbor Ray rescued my car!! Now I know why everybody loves Raymond.


Fall to Winter 09 | 2009-12-12

We got hit by cold nap for the second time this winter. This time it cracked -31 °C (-24 °F).


Fall to Winter 09 | 2009-12-12

Ice formed on my car windows by driving back from mountains in such condition.