Summer | 2009-06-21

I found this very disturbing snowman in my house. This is the world's horniest snowman and I didn't know snowman is a gay guy.


Summer | 2009-07-01

Some of you in US may still remember my baseball cap. I have been wearing it for last 8 or 9 years. Love it. You can tell how much color faded comparing inside and outside.


Summer | 2009-07-03

A Calgary city police officer bought a brand new European car.


Summer | 2009-07-03

That was'nt enogh, the same officer spent more money to rise his truck. Also the officer re-worked his house's porch…

Dear Calgary City,

While rest of the world suffers from global financial crisis, like myself who haven't got a paycheck in last 3 months, how can a Calgary police officer can spend such money? Oh I know how. Stop ticketing drivers who were directed by a police officer to the ignore red light due to an acident at an intersection. How about ticketing bikers? How lame that is, I don't know what kind of police in the world would tickets bikers. Have you thought of ticketing speeding drivers in Deerfoot yet? I'm sure cars traveling at 130 km/h do more damage than 30 km/h bikers. In case you didn't know I heard a rumor that there is a crazy police officer who drives 140 in Deerfoot. Why don't you ticket your own overpaid employees rather than no-income working slaves. How about stop charging $25 for taking fingreprints. Japanese govrment does it for free. Freeeeee.



Summer | 2009-07-05

Caprica enjoys dinner.


Summer | 2009-07-05

Laragh also enjoys dinner.


Summer | 2009-07-05

Hummm maybe everyone enjoys dinner.


Summer | 2009-07-05

Laragh seems to be bothered by something… This picture makes me laugh.


Summer | 2009-07-05

Ok it's her 2nd birthday!! Happy birthday but she's not happy with duck's burning heads.


Summer | 2009-07-31

I got a helmet, an ice axe, and crampons. I am ready for winter scrambles!!


Summer | 2009-08-02

What kind of store sells poo…?


Summer | 2009-08-12

New playground in my community. Kids are certainly having fun.