2009 First Half | 2009-03-19

My new book "The 11,000ers of the Canadian Rockies" by Bill Corbett. He is one of only 3 mountaineers who have done all 54 11,000ers. And my new boots. It's suck, I brought them to a very easy short hike and it already got broke. I need to send them to repair. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Give me my $200 back!!. sandals from Walmart last longer!!


2009 First Half | 2009-04-12

I got not cheap empty-inside chocolate but a solid bunny chocolate and broken bra from Melissa for Easter… Melissa is troublesome. Trace help me, HELP!! I pay tax!!


2009 First Half | 2009-05-02

I moved to a new place and it is cohousing. Cohosuing is a very interesting concept, basically all residences try to be a big family pretty much. Reminds me of school dorm in Japan. This is a photo from talent show.


2009 First Half | 2009-05-07

Thx to Trace's Christmas presents, finally the 2 feet long wrench and 16 pound hummer came in use assembling IKEA's futon bed.


2009 First Half | 2009-05-07

My new room. It's bigger and also it's hotter. My room is on 3rd floor, the top floor and heat travels to my room.


2009 First Half | 2009-05-07

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Collection. Go Jr!!


2009 First Half | 2009-05-17

Caprica. Unlike her big sister she looks more like dad. Does that mean when they grow up, Caprica will be backpacking all the time and sister Laragh will be partying?


2009 First Half | 2009-06-07

Ok ok ok… More hiking books.


2009 First Half | 2009-06-14

Neighbors working on a project. They are hunting for ground squirrels. Feeding a big community requires big meals you know.


2009 First Half | 2009-06-14

Kirsten, my neighbor, working on her garden.


2009 First Half | 2009-06-16

My roommates and neighbor watching a move with a big screen. Nice.