Upgrades | 2007-07-21

Without a digital camera, my Digital Diary wouldn't be existed. Now it is the time to upgrade my old camera to new camera. Canon PowerShot A570 IS. 7.1M, 4x Optical zoom, 2.5 in LCD. But the best part is I can use AA size battery. Now I don't have to worry about battery running out like my old camera which uses special rechargeable batteries. My birthday present to myself.


Upgrades | 2007-11-25

My new sneakers. After using the old shoes for 5 or 6 years and stepped on poop while riding bike, It's time to buy new one. Now how the hell a man riding bike can step on poop?


Upgrades | 2007-11-25

Say good bye to my 10 year-old backpack. New one is smaller, the perfect size for daily use, but bit too small for hiking and too small for grocery shopping. But the shiny lines help me safe in riding bike in dark.


Upgrades | 2007-11-28

256MB MP3 player to 2GB MP3 player. Size isn't much matter to me. I only put around 20 songs usually. But my new one comes with stop watch. I can time my ride with this player.


Upgrades | 2007-11-28

Upgrade for winter. Normal tires to tires suitable to winter road. Spiky stud tire for front and very soft compound tire for rear.


Upgrades | 2007-11-28

See the stud.


Upgrades | 2007-12-16

Good bye to my 12 year-old wallet. Yes it was old, it was coming parts, but after accidentally washed it, it got destroyed...


Upgrades | 2008-01-13

New hard disk and new operation system. I got the fastest HD on the market right now beside SCSI drives. I feel my PC is now 40% faster than my average speed HD. And I got 64bit Vista. Now windows recognize all 4GB memory