Launa's Wedding | 2006-10-07

Launa and Dan's wedding day. Happy family? or rather stressed out family at this moment.


Launa's Wedding | 2006-10-07

Nicole. Launa's cousin and her maid of honor (or what ever it is called).


Launa's Wedding | 2006-10-07

A church in Blairmore where Launa and Dan got married.


Launa's Wedding | 2006-10-07

Dan is signing up the paper work. That was his last chancec


Launa's Wedding | 2006-10-07

Oh my god, Stella had been cloned! Wait a minute that is Dan's mom.


Launa's Wedding | 2006-10-07

This is so called who give a dumb about clean environment. Look how happy they are destroying precious environment.


Launa's Wedding | 2006-10-07

More pictures. Frank slide behind.


Launa's Wedding | 2006-10-07

Daryl and Wendy family. The first time I met these girls 10 years ago, they were girls but they are grownups now. The moment they became taller than I am, they became women.


Launa's Wedding | 2006-10-07

Stella, you don't have to make him drunk. Dan already got married. He can't run away anymore.


Launa's Wedding | 2006-10-07

After a long 17 minutes speech by Stalla, embarrassed daughter and son-in-law finally were able to cut the cake. That long speech could have been cut down to 16:20 if she didn't keep going explaining how she could keep talking.


Launa's Wedding | 2006-10-08

Passed midnight, the party was almost over (at least for me). She is Dorotka. Another cute cousin.


Launa's Wedding | 2006-10-10

This is what happened to my rental car after drivng on 152st. There was a flat rock on the road. I thought I could go over. Guess what that rock wasn't that flat wasn't it? I destoried front-nose and radiator. Thanks for the rock I was supposed to work sunday and monday instead I was stuck until this car get towed. However before I could do that I had to get police damage report. And of course police was having a long weekend too, so I had to wait until thuseday. Hummm which raises an interesting question. So there was no officer who wanted to give me a damage report, but there was a cop who was keeping himself busy busting people including my brother for not stopping at a stop sign. Not to mention while I was listening the cop questioning, one of his uncles who was driving ahead of us at the time made illegal u-turn twice on high way to get behide of us, and when he approched us, he drove slowly and I saw his video camera sticking out of the window taping whole thing. I had no choice but started laughing. By the way on the thuseday morning when I visited the police station to get the report, sure enough the same cop was there...