Life in Calgary | 2006-04-02

This is Calgary where I live now. I can describe this city with 3 words. "Hockey", "Homeless", and "Garbage" Canada is all about Hockey. Calgary was rated the No.1 hockey city in the North America by Sport Illustrated. And as far as I can tell, Calgarians were not rated as No.1 for nothing. Everywhere I go, I see hockey coverage, people wearing Flames goods. Go Flames Go! Also everywhere I go, I see homeless, and they pisses me off so bad. All they do is nothing but beg for money or food. So many too many. Talking about too many, there are too many garbage on streets too. Everywhere I look, there is garbage.


Life in Calgary | 2006-04-02

My room. No matter where I go, I have to have the 2 flags with me.


Life in Calgary | 2006-04-09

My house and the home security. Any one who tries to break in my house will be blow up by the cannon. Well I guess you know this isn't my house. I don't know what this building is.


Life in Calgary | 2006-04-16

This is my real house. I have 2 roommates.


Life in Calgary | 2006-04-14

This is one of my roomie Louis. He's from Quebec and he is a hockey fan of course. While he watches games, he yells in French, and I have no idea what he's yelling about. The rock is called Flank cause it was discovered in Flank Slide. My Canadian uncle Daryl find the rock and thought it came from the space. So I was forced to help him to dig out the rock and carry it to his car. That was 10 years ago. Since then the rock was named and even has it's own wheels and cover.


Life in Calgary | 2006-04-16

What can I say, I have to have a bike. This is the best bike ever I possessed, but it was $200 over budget. I cannot wait the summer and ride this baby in the Rocky Mountains chased by bears and cougars.


Life in Calgary | 2006-04-16

Oh yes by the way, this is a good Canadian manufactured bike from Rocky Mountain. What a appropriate name.


Life in Calgary | 2006-04-17

My other roommate Kyle on the right, and his girlfriend on the left. Kyle is actually an American but I don't consider him as an American because 1. he is a hockey fan and 2. he does not watch NASCAR. She wanted to have a trampoline so we got it. Now what I need is big boob bikini girls jumping on the trampoline.


Life in Calgary | 2006-04-17

While I wait for bikini girls, might as well I play.


Life in Calgary | 2006-04-17

Then Louis gets to play. He looks like a dumb drunker who just falls down but does not understand what happened and somehow being happy.


Life in Calgary | 2006-04-17

Now everybody gets to enjoy the trampoline.