Family Diary | 2004-07-10

My parents took Aska to Yuzawa, 3 hours north of Tokyo.


Family Diary | 2004-07-10

Aska made Udon, which is Japanese noodle. I like it. She seems having a lot of fun. By the way the white powder is marihuana, that is why we love Udon.


Family Diary | 2004-07-16

My cat passed away. He was fighting illness for 4 weeks. It seemed he got little better, but that was as much as he could take it. He was 15 Years old. I thank him for living with us and I miss him very much.


Family Diary | 2004-07-31

Another trip to Yuzawa. This time, my parents took her fish catching. Good thing she didn't fall down like the way I do all the time.


Family Diary | 2004-07-31

Then they went to a pottery I guess. They never took me such place. I am not loved by my own parents!!


Family Diary | 2004-07-31

After all that early activities, she still got to swim.


Family Diary | 2004-08-02

She's baking cookies. Hopefully these cookies taste good.


Family Diary | 2004-08-05

My summer bed. Guess what? it is not a normal sheet, it is a bamboo sheet. And my pillow is also bamboo pillow. I love the sheet, keeps me cool, but I don't like the pillow, it's hard. I actually threw it on the floor first night, but my mom put it back.


Family Diary | 2004-08-07

Here comes Arakawa river fireworks. In the summer time, we have so many festivals and fireworks. It's almost everyday, there are something going on. Last year I watched this at my brother's apartments, this year I actually went to see it at the river side. Too bad wind was too calm, smoke just stayed in the air.


Family Diary | 2004-08-07

Summer festival equals girls with Yukata, which is traditionalJapanese cloth. Girls look pretty when they wear that. So many girls wear it to attract their boyfriend. They were having romantic moments watching fireworks and being with their lover. Me instead I was sweating like Niagara falls because I came here running. (Running to Arakawa river is my exsrcise.)


Family Diary | 2004-08-08

Playing golf, or not. I was just hitting the ball as hard as I could, but it only went little over 100 yards, which was about the same distance I could hit when I was 10. Why the hell is it?


Family Diary | 2004-08-08

Golf is such a popular sports in the world, but why not there is no Olympic golf game?


Family Diary | 2004-08-16

My parents went to somewhere. This looks like a theater. Probably Kabuki theater. You think there is no seats but there are. Originally Japanese people sit and sleep on the floor, we didn't have chair or bed until western culture came to Japan.


Family Diary | 2004-08-16

This looks like a pharmacy back in few hundreds years ago.


Family Diary | 2004-08-16

As I said earlier, we didn't have chair, so there is no chair in the house but cushions.


Family Diary | 2004-08-22

After that sick job I had. I used my 100 hours of overtime pay to bought a recliner for my parents. This is not just a recliner, it is a massage recliner! It's feels good.


Family Diary | 2004-08-23

Aska got a plain woman? I think this crap Online Japanese-English dictionary is way off. What I am trying to say is her cheek swelled. (Kids get this sick) She look very fat in picture. Actually she looks dumb hehe.