Banff National Park (Skoki) - Alberta, Canada
Brachiopod to Anthozoan to Heather - Banff National Park (Skoki)

Brachiopod to Anthozoan to Heather


The 3rd day of Skoki backpacking trip. Andrea and I went for 3 ridge day. Brachiopod Mountain, Anthozoan Mountain, and Heather Ridge.
Mount Douglas - Banff National Park (Skoki)

Mount Douglas


First time in my mountain career, I was still losing evelation 4 hours after hike started. It was a long day to get to Mount Douglas.
Fossil Mountain - Banff National Park (Skoki)

Fossil Mountain


The last day of backpacking trip, weather was the worst but we still managed to summit Fossil Mountain to end the long weekend.
Hidden Lake to Ptarmigan Lake - Banff National Park (Skoki)

Hidden Lake to Ptarmigan Lake


While my friends were still sleeping, I decided to go to a morning hike around Hidden Lake campground, taking advantage of backpacking trip!!
Lake Louise to Skoki Traverse - Banff National Park (Skoki)

Lake Louise to Skoki Traverse


Thinking about this 4 peak traverse from LL ski report to Skoki for a while. Finally I decided to do this under a wonderful weather.
Lychnis Mountain - Banff National Park (Skoki)

Lychnis Mountain


Not too far from Baker Lake in Skoki, but Lychnis Mountain is not climbed too often which is a shame. This scenic peak should be climbed more often.
Packer's Little Peak - Banff National Park (Skoki)

Packer's Little Peak


I got the best weather from the entire trip with this short evening hike near Ptarmigan Lake. I hiked up unnamed little peak at GR646054.
Ptarmigan Peak - Banff National Park (Skoki)

Ptarmigan Peak


The first day of four day backpacking trip in Skoki. We picked the closest peak from our campground, Ptarmigan Peak.
Skoki Ski Lodge - Banff National Park (Skoki)

Skoki Ski Lodge


After a day of spring snow storm, the weather made a 180 degree turn. Joined CSMC's ski touring at Skoki. I was loving this spectacular blue sky.