Banff National Park (Townsite) - Alberta, Canada
Mount Astley NE Peak - Banff National Park (Townsite)

Mount Astley NE Peak


Another complete miss. Some reason I am unable to go to Mount Astley. But still another great day and great view in the Rockies.
Mount Brewster - Banff National Park (Townsite)

Mount Brewster


Solo scramble to Mount Brewster which locates north of Mount Cory near Banff town. No info I could find for this one so I had to find my own route.
Mount Cascade - Banff National Park (Townsite)

Mount Cascade


A cold early winter day… maybe not quite winter yet, but we went to Cascade Mountain despite of a questionable weather.
Mount Cory - Banff National Park (Townsite)

Mount Cory


Winter scramble rocks even though it is so much harder than doing it in summer. This scramble at Mount Cory only proved my point. Love it!
Eagle Mountain - Banff National Park (Townsite)

Eagle Mountain


With Ben, Heather, and Brad, we went to Eagle Mountain, AKA Goat's Eye Mountain. I think this would be my last skiing for this season.
GR070840 - Banff National Park (Townsite)



With new people, I went to an unnamed false peak GR040840 near Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park. A good weather and awesome scenery was worth the trip.
Healy Pass - Banff National Park (Townsite)

Healy Pass


It wasn't the best trip I had this year and weather wasn't present but still went out and had fun backcountry skiing at Healy Pass in Banff.
Mount Ishbel - Banff National Park (Townsite)

Mount Ishbel


Someday I thought, but that someday came rather quickly. Vern, Ali and I drove to Banff to enjoy Mount Ishbel's fun ridge.
Mount Norquay - Banff National Park (Townsite)

Mount Norquay


Scrambling with CSMC. Our mistake made Mount Norquay more difficult then already rated difficult peak.
Quartz Hill - Banff National Park (Townsite)

Quartz Hill


Hiking with my roommate, Cornnie at Sunshine Meadows. At the end of Quartz Hill pass, there it was, Mount Assiniboine.
Sulphur Mountain - Banff National Park (Townsite)

Sulphur Mountain


Evening solo hike at Sulphur Mountain at Banff Gondola. This ridge have big dips on the way, almost makes me think should be separated into smaller mountains at least for sake of hikers!!
Sulphur Mountain 11 - Banff National Park (Townsite)

Sulphur Mountain 11


Back to Sulphur Mountain in Banff townsite. However this time I wasn't doing solo evening hike, I joined Scramblers from