Kananaskis Country (South) - Alberta, Canada
Little Arethusa & Storethusa Ridge - Kananaskis Country (South)

Little Arethusa & Storethusa Ridge


Two peaks day in Highwood. Little Arethusa and Storethusa Ridge both offered me such a great views with little effort to get to the summit.
Mount Arethusa - Kananaskis Country (South)

Mount Arethusa


First day of triple hike in the August long weekend. Started off from Mount Arethusa in Highwood.
Mount Burke - Kananaskis Country (South)

Mount Burke


Hike with CORE (Calgary Outdoor Recreation Association). We went Mount Burke. Despite of little detour we had, we made it to the summit.
Green Mountain - Kananaskis Country (South)

Green Mountain


Going to Green Mountain when it was grey. The weather was terrible that was why place like this was more desirable.
Highwood Ridge - Kananaskis Country (South)

Highwood Ridge


The winter gate is open, and I had to come back to Highwood. The highest point of Highwood Ridge is little compared to surrounding peaks but still it's over 2700m high.
Holy Cross Mountain - Kananaskis Country (South)

Holy Cross Mountain


Rain forecasts didn't stop us to go hiking. We are hardcore hikers!! Holy Cross Mountain was blessed with holy power.
Junction Hill - Kananaskis Country (South)

Junction Hill


Unknown peak turned out to be Junction Hill. I didn't know. I did while loop on this small peak in south Kananaskis.
Lineham Creek Peaks - Kananaskis Country (South)

Lineham Creek Peaks


Ridge walk on unnamed peaks at Lineham Creek. We knew this is difficult scramble but wasn't expecting to be that difficult.
Lineham Ridge to GR593982 - Kananaskis Country (South)

Lineham Ridge to GR593982


Because of the bad condition, Mark and I had to come back to finish Lineham Ridge and GR593982 traverse in Highwood.
Mt. Tyrwhitt to Mt. Pocaterra - Kananaskis Country (South)

Mt. Tyrwhitt to Mt. Pocaterra


My first time hiking with COC, my party went to Tyrwhitt to Pocaterra traverse. Killed two birds with one stone!!
Pocaterra Ridge South Peak - Kananaskis Country (South)

Pocaterra Ridge South Peak


My first time trying AT ski. I picked an easy peak, south peak of Pocaterra Ridge to get feeling of what AT skiing is about.
Pocaterra Tarn - Kananaskis Country (South)

Pocaterra Tarn


Got my new gear, snowshoe!! I brought the pair to test them at Pocaterra Tarn.
Mount Rae 2010 - Kananaskis Country (South)

Mount Rae 2010


No matter what happened at Mount Rae, at least I know my parents are still proud of me… I think. I hope… Are they? Maybe I should call them and ask…
Mount Rae - Kananaskis Country (South)

Mount Rae


Mount Rae in Highwood area in Kananaskis. We made the hike more difficult by taking on the ridge walk route. Low evaluation gain yet height altitude… Feel like I was cheating.
Serendipity Peak to Patterson's Peak - Kananaskis Country (South)

Serendipity Peak to Patterson's Peak


Bad weather, boring and long approach, lack of exciting scramble, but somehow still I enjoyed traverse of Serendipity Peak to Patterson's Peak.
Storm Mountain (Highwood) - Kananaskis Country (South)

Storm Mountain (Highwood)


Joined CSMS event for Storm Mountain. Just as my friends told me, it was more challenging than how the scramble book describes.