Kananaskis Country (Kananaskis Lakes) - Alberta, Canada
Mount Fox - Kananaskis Country (Kananaskis Lakes)

Mount Fox


After a long day in Mount Lougheed, we were supposed to do little easier one instead, we picked Mount Fox, which was technically, physically and mentally more demanding.
Great View Ridge - Kananaskis Country (Kananaskis Lakes)

Great View Ridge


Our objective was Mount Normad, but we couldn't get to it instead we ended up on a high point of unnamed ridge.
Haig Glacier Ski Camp - Kananaskis Country (Kananaskis Lakes)

Haig Glacier Ski Camp


Part of Turbine camping trip. We visited Haig Glacier ski camp where Canadian national cross country team train in summer time.
Mount Indefatigable 09 - Kananaskis Country (Kananaskis Lakes)

Mount Indefatigable 09


Somebody please change the name of the mountain. Even native English speakers can't say Mount Indefatigable!!
Mount Indefatigable - Kananaskis Country (Kananaskis Lakes)

Mount Indefatigable


This was the official kick-off of summer mountain hiking. Mount Indefatigable locates at Kananaskis Lakes which offers wonderful views no matter where I was.
Mount Joffre Attempt - Kananaskis Country (Kananaskis Lakes)

Mount Joffre Attempt


Under uncertain weather, we headed out to Aster Lake area. Our primary objective was Mount Joffre but due to the bad weather…
North Kananaskis Pass - Kananaskis Country (Kananaskis Lakes)

North Kananaskis Pass


Part of Turbine camping trip. The most beautiful place I have ever seen. I call this place heaven on the Earth.
Not Joy - Kananaskis Country (Kananaskis Lakes)

Not Joy


What an epic trip! We were supposed to go up climbing route called Joy, but we weren't. Wrong route, hit by storm, climbing in dark… EPIC!
Rawson Lake - Kananaskis Country (Kananaskis Lakes)

Rawson Lake


My injured knee's back and I went to hike Rawson Lake. It locates at popular Kananskis Lakes, and because of that a lot of people come hiking here.
Rawson Ridge Attempt - Kananaskis Country (Kananaskis Lakes)

Rawson Ridge Attempt


Skiing up to Rawson Ridge, well I tired. It wasn't too bad for my first skiing this season… maybe… actually it was quite bad. I fall 5 times…
Mount Sarrail 2 - Kananaskis Country (Kananaskis Lakes)

Mount Sarrail 2


We tried to get most out of the weather we had this weekend. Despite of cold and windy condition we went to Mount Sarrail.
Mount Sarrail - Kananaskis Country (Kananaskis Lakes)

Mount Sarrail


My first time invading to Aster Lake area in Kananaskis Country. I decided to go for Mount Sarrail to test my new gear, bivy.
Turbine Canyon Campground - Kananaskis Country (Kananaskis Lakes)

Turbine Canyon Campground


The first backpacking in 11 years, I went to Turbine. Three day camping trip was more than I expected.
The Turret - Kananaskis Country (Kananaskis Lakes)

The Turret


Solo hike to The Turret just south of Kananaskis Lakes. Weather was just OK but still nice to get out and capture another peak!