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World Boss Zaraton 2020-07-10

Point 1:The key for Zaraton is Sabrina.  If she can survive the boss's attack and give Hunter's Will to the party twice, then you will get much higher score.  Therefore I recommend to upgrade her to 6 stars.

Point 2:The rest is basic.  Use mercs with high basic points.  For the recommend mercs, please refer here. You should test set effect for Kaoli, Valtor, Granhildr and Aaron.

Point 3:For supporters, mercs who have very strong barrier / DMG reduction are useful.  Obviously mercs with healing skills are also recommended.  And don't forget increasing AGI can help reduce Zaraton's DoT attack duration.

Point 4:With this particular setup, For the front 3, I used mercs who have instant heals as well as heals over time, because they don't get support from Sabrina. Benshina is protected by Veronia's DEF100% buff.

  1. ★6 Benshina+14
  2. ★6 Valtor+12
  3. ★6 Grosa+10
  4. ★6 Meliodas+0
  5. ★6 Kaoli+13
  6. ★6 Granhildr+15
  7. ★6 Ceres+10 (Set effect: Kaoli)
  8. ★6 Barbara+3 (Set effect: Kaoli)
  9. ★6 Floria+10
  10. ★6 Sabrina+6
  11. ★6 Baine+1
  12. ★6 Veronia+14