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World Boss Zaraton 2018-09-29

The key for Zaraton is  Sabrina.  If she can survive the boss's attack and give Hunter's Will to the party twice, then you will get much higher score.  Therefore I recommend to upgrade her to 6 stars.  The rest is basic.  Use mercs with high basic points.  For supporters, Claris who has very strong barrier for reducing damage is useful.  Obviously mercs with healing skills such as Julie, and Anais are also recommended.  Also mercs who can increase AGI such as again,  Julie, and Anais are good options since AGI can help reduce Zaraton's DoT attack duration. I prioritized attack order to mercs who can self heal or deploy barrier first, since these will help to reduce DoT in 2nd round.  Also specifically with this formation, Jacklin, and Sabrina's spots get help from both Julie, and Anais.  So I put the weakest and the most important mercs.

  1. ★6 Grosa+8
  2. ★5 Jacklin+4
  3. ★6 Granhildr+3
  4. ★6 Astrid+6
  5. ★6 Ymir+2
  6. ★6 Rafina+9
  7. ★6 Gloria+2
  8. ★5 Julie+9
  9. ★6 Zenith+0
  10. ★6 Anais+9
  11. ★6 Veronia+9
  12. ★6 Sabrina+0