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World Boss Terion 2021-03-05

Point 1: In order to get high score in transport, Use high HP mercs with vital runes. For the recommend mercs, please refer here.

Point 2: The back 9 mercs have to recover fully from the attack from round 1 before the battle ends. Sabrina's instant heal is not effective here, but she can still heal over time, and increase AGI. For supporters this AGI increase is particularly important, because Terion's debuff attack lowers -100% status. Thus supporters can be disabled in 2nd round. To avoid that situation, higher AGI to increase the chance of partial hit, so that the debuff expires quicker. For the top row's 3 mercs are outside of Sabrina's support, so mercs with strong self healing is recommend.

Point 3: The best merc for taking the last attack from Terion are Mamonir, Baine, Velfern, or Kaylin who will not take any damage. If not Granhildr or Kaoli who can instantly heal is also good option. For Granhildr or Kaoli, buff their crit% & crit DMG so that they can ideally heal to 100%.

  1. ★6 Granhildr+15
  2. ★6 Kaoli+13
  3. ★6 Valtor+14
  4. ★6 Benshina+15
  5. ★6 Grosa+10
  6. ★6 Meliodas+0
  7. ★6 Baine+10
  8. ★6 Mamonir+15
  9. ★6 Sabrina+10 (Healing + Increase AGI)
  10. ★6 Floria+12 (Increase HP + Healing)
  11. ★6 Lucius+2
  12. ★6 Veronia+15 (Increase 1's crit% & crit dmg)