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World Boss Terion 2020-07-10

Point 1:In order to get high score in transport, first you need to get as much points as possible from basic points.  To do that use mercs with vital runes, or take advantage of set effects which increases maximum HP. For the recommend mercs, please refer here. You should test set effect for Kaoli, Valtor, Granhildr and Aaron.

Point 2:The back 9 mercs have to recover fully from the attack from round 1 before the battle ends. To do so, Lulu is what you need. However the bottom 3 cannot get heal from Lulu, so I have put mercs with strong self-healing.

Point 3:The best merc for taking the last attack from Terion are Granhildr, or Kaoli who can instantly heal. Buff their crit% & crit DMG so that they can idealy heal 100%. Other picks are Arkan and Ymir who have very high HP, but cannot get buffs from supporters.

  1. ★6 Benshina+14
  2. ★6 Meliodas+0
  3. ★6 Grosa+10
  4. ★6 Valtor+12
  5. ★6 Kaoli+13
  6. ★6 Barbara+3 (Set effect: Kaoli)
  7. ★6 Veronia+14
  8. ★6 Granhildr+15
  9. ★6 Ceres+10 (Set effect: Kaoli)
  10. ★6 Floria+10
  11. ★6 Baine+1
  12. ★6 Lulu+15