Addicted To Gacha

World Boss Terion 2018-12-27

In order to get high score in transport, first you need to get as much points as possible from basic points.  To do that use mercs with vital runes, or take advantage of set effects which increases maximum HP.  The most important aspect of this battle is, the merc who takes boss's attack has to survive, and take the attack twice.  In order to do that, I suggest to use vital runes for that merc.  This is because the boss's attack will weaken stats, and merc's defense will be 0%.  Therefore shield runes are useless.

  1. ★6 Celia+3 (Set effect: Granhildr)
  2. ★5 Melody+9 (Set effect: Ymir)
  3. ★6 Arkan+1
  4. ★6 Granhildr+3
  5. ★6 Grosa+9
  6. ★6 Valtor+0
  7. ★6 Ymir+2
  8. ★6 Meliodas+1
  9. ★6 Mora+9 (Set effect: Valtor)
  10. ★4 Natalie+9 (Set effect: Valtor)
  11. ★6 Anais+10 (Set effect: Ymir)
  12. ★5 Brisa+9