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World Boss Gorgona 2020-07-14

Point 1:The most important point is Scarlet. Her curse can shrink AoE to 1 tile. This means only 1 merc will be attacked.

Point 2:Using Baine, who has 18 turns taunt, as the Gorgona's target. Set Baine as 1st, and Veronia+10 at the last. This allows her to put DEF 100% buff on Baine. Just be careful that other taunter's taunt should be expired before Gorgona's turn.

Point 3:Left 3 mercs don't get HP increase from Floria, so I put magicians and Scarlet who's HP is low.

Point 4:For the recommend mercs, please refer here. If you are using Kaoli, you should try to get set effect by including Barbara and Ceres. Likewise you should test set effect for Granhildr and Valtor as well.

  1. ★6 Baine+1 (Take hits from Gorgona. Taunt duration 18 turns.)
  2. ★6 Kaoli+13
  3. ★6 Granhildr+14 (At +15, taunt is too long)
  4. ★6 Benshina+14
  5. ★6 Valtor+12
  6. ★6 Arkan+1
  7. ★6 Meliodas+0
  8. ★6 Barbara+1 (Set Effect: Kaoli)
  9. ★6 Ceres+10 (Set Effect: Kaoli)
  10. ★6 Scarlet+14
  11. ★6 Floria+10
  12. ★6 Veronia+14