Addicted To Gacha

Underground Evil Castle 36 to 40F

Can't progress until get rid of the boss. When you have proper mercs beating stages are not that difficult, however may not have enough score to get all point rewards. Unless it's way too low, score is affected by how often critical / partial hits happen as well. You might get enough score just trying again.

☆☆☆ Underground 36F ☆☆☆
Bellasier can be used, but you will not get enough score for point rewards.
  1. ★6 Valtor+12
☆☆☆ Underground 37-40F ☆☆☆
From 37 to 40F, you can use a pair from Granhildr, Kaoli, Benshina, Angelica, Levia, or Larkis boy.
  1. ★6 Benshina+14
  2. ★6 Granhildr+15
☆☆☆ Underground 40F (Extra) ☆☆☆
  1. ★6 Bellasier+15
  2. ★6 Kaoli+13
  3. ★6 Orienne+10
  4. ★6 Benshina+14