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Record of Guild War Eindolin+Asmode

The opponent was one of top guild's Castle 2. This player had a very interesting strategy that I have never seen before, and I wanted to test few things. It’s Eindolin→Asmode combo.

The first round, I tried with Granhildr, however it’s been only few days since the 6D update, I am still learning about Granhildr. From what I heard, Asmode+10 can kill Granhildr, so I was too occupied about which runes I should use, and forgot the very important thing about using Granhildr against Asmode. That is she can reflect Asmode’s Pillage skill, which results Granhildr stealing buffs from Asmode. Because of this, Granhildr got unwanted Taunt and next attacker, Taylor, took few of my guys.

The second round, I was curious if Mamonir’s Nullifier Counter actually works or not. My guess was doesn’t, but had to test. And the result is Nullifier Counter didn’t work, so Asmode kept his Taunt skill.