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Record of Guild War Unbreakable Wall

The strong point on this deck is Mamonir+7, Lucius, and Cecilia+14. The worst case, I can be stuck on these tanks. On top of that, there is Angelica+8, and Velfern+10. However guessing attack order is very easy. Pretty much for certain, it will be Walya→Laura→Valzé. Therefore I decided to use Zenith. Originally I was thinking to use Siegmund, and Eunrang, but Vitalx2 Velfern+10 can be survive Eunrang's attack even with Vernia's buff if partial hit occurs. Thus, Britain, and Leto became my choice. Although Angelica can also escape death with partial hit, it was only 15% chance. For the troublesome tanks, I am using Jin's counter. One thing I don't want to see is Mamonir landing critical hit, then Jin will die, but it's only 15%. Nonetheless I would prefer avoiding her in 1st round. If my guess is right, after Britain wipes all attackers there will only be tanks remain, and among them Mamonir is most likely to attack first. So Britain→Mamonir→Jin is my guess and that is exactly what I want.
Opponent’s possible first moves
  1. Walya→Laura→Valzé: Pretty sure this is only the way, so Zenith!.
  2. If else: Game over.
My mercs’ tasks
  • Zenith+Britain: Zenith will put Concentrated Fire on Valzé, then Britain will wipe Valzé, Wilhelmina, and Angelica.
  • Eindolin+Jin: In 1st round, kill Cecilia, and Lucius. In 2 round, kill Mamonir.
  • Leto: For Velfern+10.
First round went according to the plan, but there was my mistake on 2nd round. At this point there were only Laura, Mamonir, and Lucius. Laura put buff on Mamonir which I didn't think about, and instead of killing or at least trade, Jin died and Mamonir survived. Luckly for me my remaining attackers was able to kill Mamonir (thanks to Leto), and was able to break Lucius's Death Guard just before the time expired.