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Record of Guild War Sarubia Magic

I normally write my thought process how I come up with my strategy, but not this time because I already knew the attack order shared by my guild mate. Straight to my point, whoever came up with this is simply brilliant.

To prepare for a battle, first thing I do is click on each supporters and make sure who is their targets. From there I can take a more educated guess of opponent's attack order. In this case 9th attacker, Sarubia's target is 1st mover, Valzé. Once Valzé gets Sarubia's buff, her target will become front instead of back. Therefore, you would place someone like Lillian in front to counter Valzé. But the trick is in round 1 Valzé doesn't have Sarubia's buff, so she will attack last. I can see immediately after battle starts, unsuspected opponent's eyes will pop out by seeing this.

If I remember correctly, this player was grand master rank. I thought it's strange that such a high level player using Sarubia instead of Veronia, but this is why. Very very clever.