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Record of Guild War Lecliss+Walya's Taunt Relay


In the first round, there is so much pressure from the 4 worriers. In the second round, mass destruction by Levia+10 and Velfern awaits. If I take too much time dealing with taunters, the worries will wipe me. Even if I do better dealing with both the taunters and worriers, I will not have enough time or merc to deal with Octos. On top of that, Taunt relay by Lecliss, and Walya is another hurdle. From turn 1 to 5 is covered by Lecliss. Turn 4 to 11 is covered by Walya. Turn 10 to 15 is by Lecliss again. Therefore turn 1 to 15 is all covered by the taunters.

The 1st point here is, it is very easy to guess who's the first mover. Pretty much definitively Foxy, so I used Zenith+Wiggle to take 3 at once. The 2nd point is how to ignore taunts and get the rest? Levia+10 can be killed by Leto. The problem is what to do with the worriers. So instead of ignoring taunts, I setup double self-destructive counter by Beliath+Chalkle.

Opponent’s possible first moves
  1. Walya→Foxy: Luckily for certain, this is the only patters that makes sense. Using Zenith to take advantage of it.
My mercs’ tasks
  • Zenith+Wiggle: Put Concentrated Fire on Foxy, and kill Velfern, Foxy, and Valzé at once.
  • Beliath+Chalkle: Get Wilhelmina, and Edin.
  • Leto: Levia+10 hitman.
  • Jin: Take the rest, the easy job.
The truth comes out. I actually lost once. At this moment as I am writing this, our guild lost 3 times to this formation. All the strategy I wrote here was from my 2nd attempt. I think this formation was very hard to crack. What was so good about this is, this formation is still hard even after knowing the attack order.