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Record of Guild War John+Mamonir

The most problematic thing on this deck is definitely Mamonir+10.  Among the mercs I have, only Chalkle, Leto, or Jin can one shot her.  The difficulty trying so is listed below.
  • Using Chalke: In order to get to Mamonir, I need to remove Venaka, John, and Chalke. That means I need at least 2 more mercs, and I will not have any hitman for Velfern.
  • Using Leto: If additional damage is partial hit, or non-crit then Mamonir will survive. Leto with no buff only have 20% crit%, so chances are very bad.  On top of that with John’s barrier, there will not be enough damage regardless.
  • Using Jin: The same problem. Once John’s barrier is applied, Jin’s counter won’t be enough.
I decided to use Jin.  To solve John problem, I guessed Walya→Arkan is the 1st mover.  If I am right, I will have 1 turn before John→Mamonir.  I need to use Viola and hit Walya, this will result putting buff prohibition on Mamonir, and while preparing my 1st attack with Viola, supporters have to buff Jin.  Finally, if Corrette can kill Velfern and removes the 2 mines before Zakan can interrupt, my mission will be successful.
Opponent’s possible first moves
  1. Walya→Arkan: No action required.
  2. John→Mamonir: Counter by Jin.
  3. Zakan: I prayed this will no be the case.
My mercs’ tasks
  • Jin: Mamonir killer.
  • Viola: Put buff prohibition on Mamonir before John buffs.
  • Corrette: Kill Velfern, Zakan, and Chalke.
  • Velonia: Take Zakan’s attack.
  • Beliath: After Jin is killed, take Arkan’s attack. Preferably I wanted to put her where Mary is, so that Corrette can get more crit% buff, but Mary can get killed by Arkan, so I didn’t have much choice.
Zakan was the 1st mover, the one scenario I didn’t have counter play.  When I saw it, I thought I was finished, but without realizing it my formation was completely capable of dealing this scenario.  For one Zakan’s taunt was expired before Viola, and Viola’s target have changed to Velfern instead of Walya, but she was able to kill John, so at the end Mamonir didn’t get buff.  More luck was on my side, Jin was able to survive Mamonir’s attack, therefore he was able to damage Arkan on next round.  Despite my Lillian is only +3, she was able to kill Arkan and finished the battle.