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Record of Guild War Taunt Barricade

Opponent’s possible first moves
  1. Seir: Grace will block taunt.
  2. Glacia :Grace's nullifier will remove taunt, even though this isn't necessary.
  3. Foxy: No counter play.  Grace will be killed, but Alche can attack Lucius, and Glacia, so it doesn't affect offense.  However in this case, Zakan can do whatever it wants.  This means even Yuria can be killed as well, so I placed Beliath where she is because she has at least immunity.
  4. Zakan: I guessed this was the lowest possibility.  However Zakan's taunt cannot be blocked by Grace's taunt block, and if Zakan comes first, Alche will attack Zakan.  Therefore I needed to take care of Zakan. So I decided to neutralize Zakan with Grace who will be under Beliath's skeleton res effect.  This way if Foxy is next, Yuria still will be protected.  If Seir comes next, Yuria can remove Seir's taunt before she get killed by Foxy.  Thus my attackers will attack intended targets.
My mercs’ tasks
  • Beliath: If possible, give Grace skeleton res buff.  If both Grace and Yuria get killed without removing Zakan, Beliath who has immunity will take Zakan's attack, so she is protected at least from burning.
  • Grace: Busy girl who will be taking care of opponent's 3 taunters.  However the worst case, she will be killed by Foxy without doing anything.
  • Alche: One punch Lucius, and Glacia. Obviously Lucius will not die, but he will be under effect of death guard.  Glacia+5's DEF was only 10%.  This meant even after Alche removes her barrier, she won't go into DEF100% state, so Alche can kill her for sure.
  • Yuria: Attacking Zakan due to it's taunt, or attacking Seir before her turn and stun her.  Or attacking Seir after her turn is also ok, since Yuria can remove taunt. Either way Yuria will prevent my attackers to attack taunters.
  • Niya: Instant kill Lucius who should be under effect of death guard.  If can't kill Lucius fast enough, I will be doomed because Corette will attack Beliath instead of Chalkle.
  • Corette: Kill all 5 backline.
  • Veronia: Take hit from Angelica if she attacks.
Zakan moved first which I though would be the least possibility of all 4 scenarios.  However after that Foxy attacked before Seir, so the worst case scenario which was Seir kills skeleton Grace, and Foxy kills Yuria didn't happen.  Having 4 possible first moves and coming up with each counter play was very hard, and I took a quite while to come up with the formation.  But thanks for that, only Grace got killed (well Corette was skeleton still it doesn't count as death by the rule).