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Record of Guild War Weakness of Siegmund

Opponent’s possible first moves
  1. Seir or Aaron: Both target is skip, so Grace will block them nicely.
  2. Siegmund: Use Zakan and go for kill or, Lillian to tank.  Since I just got Lillian, I decided to use her, but it didn't end well.  More on that later.
My mercs’ tasks
  • Rafina: Take out Chalkle, so that Eunrang will not die.
  • Anais: To protect attackers from Seir's Death Infliction. Also can help from Aaron's counter.
  • Eunrang: Velfern killer, and bonus damage to Levia.
  • Leto: Leto has high normal damage, so he is Levia+10 killer.
  • Siegmund: Siegmund attacks Siegmund. Because there is Kuwik, attacker has to be someone like Siegmund who has enough HP to take self-destructive counter damage.
Actually the opponent's highest arena rank was 35th or so, the player knew something I didn't.  It was a good lesson.  I lost due to 2 reasons.  First of all, it was totally my fault.  I took chance on Leto with only 2 buffs to kill Levia who also has 25% AGI.  Unfortunately his additional attack was non-crit with partial hit.  Wasn't able to kill Levia.  I should have used Veronia instead of Rafina. Other reason is something new I learned.  I have never seen anybody using Kuwik, never mind someone with such high rank player.  That should have flagged me for suspicion, but I didn't think of it much.  If you see the opponent's formation, it's so natural to think and use Siegmund instead of Foxy.  But that was a trap.  If I used Foxy, I would have killed Siegmund, but with Siegmund I couldn't.  That is because Siegmund got good damage by killing Kuwik, so his additional damage was much lower than normal.  Thus it wasn't enough to kill.