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Record of Guild War John+Lillian

Opponent's possible first moves
  1. John→Lillian: I thought this pattern is the most likely, so I thought of using Dalvi at first.  However if I am wrong, then probably Corette will attack Lillian.  This means pretty much I will lose. Therefore, I used Natalie so that Corette will attack Veronia for sure.
  2. Mary→Veronia→Rafina: If Rafina attacks before Corette, Corette won't be able to kill Rafina because Rafina has Veronia's protection.  Therefore I have to make sure Rafina will step on a mine.  However what's making this difficult was opponent's Zakan.  If Zakan attacks before Rafina, not only I will lose my mine, but Rafina will attack my backline.  This is why I decided to use 2 mines in a row.
  3. Zakan: If Zakan attacks early stages, my strategy can be screwed up big time.  So for this I used Zakan for Zakan.
My mercs' tasks
  • Mary: Regardless of if John→Lillian comes first or not, pretty certain Rafian will attack first.  In this case either Angelica or Leto can attack before Corette's turn.  Thus Mary had to be sacrificed.  This meant I will have Zakan, Chalkle, and Mary to die and cannot afford any more casualties.
  • Natalie & Corette: My main force for this battle.  Kill all opponent's attackers beside Lillian.
  • Siegmund: If Rafina steps on Zakan, Seir will be near death.  Therefore I needed Siegmund to clean up Zakan, so that Seir won't step on it.  Of course my Siegmund had enough HP to survive.
  • Seir: Main job was to use Concentrated Fire and take Lillian's attack on 2nd round.  So I had to make sure she would survive Rafina's attack.
  • Zakan & Chalkle: For anti-Zakan, and lower Rafina's HP so that Corette can kill Rafian.
Everything went accordingly and won by ★3.