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Evil Castle Guide

☆☆☆ 66F-70F ☆☆☆

Tips: Ignore mobs, and attack only the boss. However there are 2 issues. Blue mouth hand monster's random target can screw you, and boss's HP is so high. In order to avoid blue mouth's attack, use taunt tank 1st and position Exile adjacent to the tank. Red mouth will attack the taunt tank and put charm on Exile. Then let charmed Exile to attack and put concentrated fire on the tank. By doing this, blue mouth will attack the tank, not random target.
To kill the boss, strong inc. boost DMG and weakening are needed. For this Scarlet and Orienne are excellent. Then finish it up with Maxwell coffee.

Recommended Mercs
Attackers Scarlet, Orienne, Maxwell, Lyudmila
Tanks / Supporters Taunt tank, Exile
☆☆☆ 61F-65F ☆☆☆

Tips: There are 2 types of enemies here. One is special like Asmode who will not pass turn to you after attack, and other is normal type. If you kill the special type, it will do HP500% fixed damage to all, thus immediately fails. By killing the normal type, it will only do HP70% fixed damage, so you can survive. If necessary get help from healer and kill one normal type at a time. That said the most important objective here is to kill the boss as quickly as you can, because by kill the boss, your unit will become invincible like Glacier's buff and all the enemies will explode.

Recommended Mercs
Tanks / Supporters Lucius, Beliath
☆☆☆ 56F-60F ☆☆☆

Tips: You need to kill archers before they attack. And you need to put a DoT on tanks before the boss' turn because the boss will kill anybody with DoT for you. In order to Deomaron to tank he needs DEF56% and up. Also Viola needs Rage×2 to kill archers quick enough.

Recommended Mercs
Attackers Christina, Ridel, Viola
Tanks / Supporters Refithea, Deomaron, Acha
☆☆☆ 51F-55F ☆☆☆

Tips: By applying charm to a Soul Succubus, that Succubus will farther spread charm to themselves. Eventually they will kill each other, or the boss will wipe entire enemy field in 2ne round. This is becoming a puzzle…

Recommended Mercs
Attackers Mia
Tanks / Supporters
☆☆☆ 46F-50F ☆☆☆

Tips: Hell!

Recommended Mercs
Attackers Hell and her buddies
Tanks / Supporters
☆☆☆ 41F-45F ☆☆☆

Tips: While a tank like Seir keeps other members safe, use mercs who can use multiple attacks and kill mobs with death guard as fast as possible. Soul Collectors can steal buffs, especially taunt from tank, that can mess things up. Also keep in mind that the boss increases ATK by turns, so if it takes too long, the boss can kill tank, more likely by counter damage when tank attacks the boss. Finally I am sorry that I used King quite often, but I know players from non-Japanese servers do not have King. Similar merc would be Rogan, but his attack is double, King's attack is triple.

Recommended Mercs
Attackers Foxy, King, Niya, Dr. Morgan, BDM N-0524
Tanks / Supporters Seir
☆☆☆ 36F-40F ☆☆☆

Tips: Boss has PERM Taunt, and PERM Concentrated Fire Counter, therefore keep it mind that if merc without immunity attacks boss, it will get Concentrated Fire debuff. Boss also heals every time get attacked. To counter this use Angelica, or Viola, otherwise probably you will not able to kill boss. No supporter challenge is very hard, because Clown with a Scythe does big damage that there are only few tanks that can take their attacks. I recommend to use mercs with counter skills to kill them. In my case, it is not possible to one-shot boss by Ventana from 38F, my strategy is to prioritize Clowns with a Scythe rather than boss. Attacks from boss, or Clowns with a Gift are pretty low, and tanks who can heal themselves especially Seir is very useful for this.

Recommended Mercs
Attackers Damage: Angelica, Viola, Garinoth, Chalkle Counter: Astrid, Zakan, Chalkle, Mercedes
Tanks / Supporters Seir, Zenith, Denarisa, Grosa
☆☆☆ 31F-35F ☆☆☆

Tips: The most important thing is to prevent poisoning counter from 2nd round. To do that use someone with ATK Interference skills such as Viola's Silence, or Serendia's Silence Bestowal. However the boss has immunity, so the attacker has to attack on 8th order after the boss's immunity expires. On 1st round, if you attack before poisoning counter expires, weak mercs will die. Rafina, or Alche are ok. Ymir, or Angelica who have immunity are useful tanks for this.

Recommended Mercs
Attackers Damage: Alche, Rafina, Esther, Chalkle ATK Interference: Viola, Deka, Eunrang
Tanks / Supporters Granhildr, Astrid, Ymir, Elisé, Angelica, Serendia
☆☆☆ 26F-30F ☆☆☆

Tips: If you don't have Alec like me, you will have hard time. Since boss's defense is 99%, in order to damage him each attacker has to kill at least 1 mob which will give you Dark Authority buff. More mobs a merc kills, more buffs it will get to do more damage to the boss, however by doing so you may run out of turns. Therefore you may also have to clean mobs by a merc with taunt and damage counter skills such as Astrid, or Mercedes. The boss also heals by attacking. To counter this, use buff prohibition from Angelica who is also a good damage dealer.

Recommended Mercs
Attackers Damage: Alec, Mora, Niya (Assault%×2), Rafina, Eunrang, Angelica
Tanks / Supporters Astrid, Mercedes, Any supporters with offensive buffs
☆☆☆ 21F-25F ☆☆☆

Tips: Cannot utilize taunt here because mobs will steal buffs. This also means you have to be careful not to let mobs attack mercs who has buffs that you don't won't them steal. You need to use Granhildr's debuff reflection or Cecilia's AoE Absorption for the boss's attack to protect others. Burning from mobs is also little bit troublesome, so using tanks with immunity or use mercs with stun, freeze, or silence to reduce damage.

Recommended Mercs
Attackers Damage: Mora, Niya, Rafina ATK Interference: Viola, Deka, Yuria, Eunrang, Britain
Tanks / Supporters Granhildr, Cecilia, Gloria
☆☆☆ 16F-20F ☆☆☆

Tips: You cannot rely on tanks and taunt, because mobs are either anti-tank or use nullifier. It's best to kill mobs as quickly as possible. You can also use Yuria, Deka, or Eunrang who can stun, freeze, silence.

Recommended Mercs
Attackers Damage: Mora, Alche, Niya ATK Interference: Viola, Deka, Yuria, Eunrang, Britain, Octavia
Tanks / Supporters Granhildr, Gloria
☆☆☆ 11F-15F ☆☆☆

Tips: The best offense here is to use decomposition, bleeding, or charm. Viola+9 with supporter's help can do so much damage. For tanks, Astrid alone, Helena→Astrid, or Iris are useful.

Recommended Mercs
Attackers Damage: Mora, Alche DoT: Viola, Garinoth, Deomaron, Esther, Niya
Tanks / Supporters Astrid, Iris, Helena, Edan, Xenon