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Dungeon Slime Forest Stage 5 (4 Turns)

Helga is there to increase crit hit for Asmode, and not must have unit. ★6 Asmode+10 (Kill 2) ★6 Yuri+14 (Kill 5, 8, 7, 3, 4) ★6 Jin+10 (Kill 1, 6 by counter) ★6 Helga+12

World Boss Gorgona 2020-05-14

Point 1:The most important point is Scarlet. Her curse can shrink AoE to 1 tile. This means only 1 merc will be attacked. Point 2:If you have Albion then I suggest vitalx2 Granhildr or Kaoli are the best merc to take hit. If you don't have Albion, then make sure no taunt is in effect when boss a...