1. Skeleton

Normal: 53k
Mutant: 100k~600k

2. Arrow of Revenge

Normal: 7k
Mutant: 149k~725k

Deals 2 damage to target hero. If opponent's [Grave] is 2 or greater, deals 3 damage.
3. Goblin Bomb Squad

Normal: 9k
Mutant: 238k~775k

When dies, deals 10 damage to the creature in front of it.
4. Golden Garden Cat

Normal: N/A
Mutant: N/A

Your least abundant resource +1 at the beginning of a turn. Doubles [Gold] if it's 4 or more.
5. Goblin Shredder

Normal: 58k
Mutant: 477k

Deals 2 damage to opponent in front and friendly creatures on both sides when summoned. Deals 7 Additional Damage to [Nature] Camp.
6. Holy Missile

Normal: 4k
Mutant: 50k~264k

Deals 4 damage to target opponent creature. Deals 1 damage if the target is Light camp, and double the damage if the target is Dark camp.
7. Command Hunting

Normal: 328k
Mutant: 278k~1.7m

Deals 8 damage to the opponent creature with the highest HP. Deals double damage if there is a creature in the middle of your battlefield.
8. Flame Emission

Normal: 12k
Mutant: 265k

Deals 15 damage to targeted creature and all other creatures to the right of it. Damage decreases by 6 per slot.
9. Hunt

Normal: 13k
Mutant: 43k~170k

Deal 7 damage to target creature. If there are no creatures on both sides, double damage.
10. Surprise Attack

Normal: 7k
Mutant: 60k~107k

Deal 6 damage to target creature. If there is no creature in front of it, double damage.
11. Capture

Normal: 18k
Mutant: 406k

Makes attack of target opponent creature to 0 and brings it to your battlefield.
12. Fire Bolt

Normal: 3k
Mutant: 180k

Deals 9 damage to targeted creature.
13. Betrayal

Normal: 34k
Mutant: 7.3m~8m

Make target enemy creature fight for you for one turn.
14. Phantom of the Wolf

Normal: 24k
Mutant: 156k~1.2m

+2 Attack to all friendly creatures.
15. Hellhound

Normal: 20k
Mutant: 230k~1.2m

When summoned, deals 3 damage to each enemy creature.
16. Kadir's Flying Sword

Normal: 20k
Mutant: N/A

Increases Attack, Defense or HP by 1 when summoned. Sets the lowest of the three to 3 at the beginning of each turn.
17. Fiery Zealot

Normal: 15k
Mutant: N/A

When dies, deals 10 damage to the creature in front of it.
18. Elf

Normal: 4k
Mutant: 140k~332k


Normal: 42k
Mutant: N/A

Summons 1 Taokaka Decoys. Friendly Taokaka performs a long-distance attack on the target after it attacks.
20. Snake Tamer:Nicholas

Normal: 71k
Mutant: N/A

Summons a Snake creature in the center slot when summoned. Summons another Snake creature for every friendly Snake creature that disappears.
21. Turn to Frog

Normal: 30k
Mutant: 324k

Turn target creature into a frog.
22. Hidden Spider

Normal: 13k
Mutant: N/A

When opponent hero casts a spell, automatically summoned from the Grave.
23. Magician:Masked Field

Normal: 38k
Mutant: 175k~2.5m

Summons Assistant:Anna when summoned, and puts Anna into the Cutting Box just before she dies.
24. Magic Missile

Normal: 23k
Mutant: 38k~83k

Deals 5 damage to targeted creature.