1. Flame Emission

Normal: 9k
Mutant: 223k

Deals 15 damage to targeted creature and all other creatures to the right of it. Damage decreases by 6 per slot.
2. Capture

Normal: 16k
Mutant: 336k

Makes attack of target opponent creature to 0 and brings it to your battlefield.
3. Hunt

Normal: 10k
Mutant: 82k~203k

Deal 7 damage to target creature. If there are no creatures on both sides, double damage.
4. Witch:Xena

Normal: 55k
Mutant: 178k~2.5m

Every turn, restores a card from any Grave to the owner's hand and hypnotizes non-hypnotized enemies. Her HP does not fall below 1 if there is a hypnotized creature on the battlefield.
5. Alraune

Normal: 50k
Mutant: 201k~4.6m

Summons 1 vine(s) every turn.
6. Arrow of Revenge

Normal: 7k
Mutant: 166k~482k

Deals 2 damage to target hero. If opponent's [Grave] is 2 or greater, deals 3 damage.

Normal: 116k
Mutant: N/A

Has 1 Energy. +1 Energy at the end of a turn. Shoots 3 arrows at a random opponent, dealing damage equal to its Energy, every turn. Deals damage equal to its Energy to the nearest opponent upon death.
8. Seigi

Normal: 1.1m
Mutant: N/A

When its HP is not full at the beginning of a turn, transforms the opponent in front into a Void Maker:Small Orb. HP does not fall below 1 if the opponent in front of it has higher Attack.
9. Surprise Attack

Normal: 7k
Mutant: 53k~108k

Deal 6 damage to target creature. If there is no creature in front of it, double damage.
10. Alby Stone Golem

Normal: 38k
Mutant: 135k~242k

Deals 5 damage on your opponent's battlefield every 3 turns.
11. Slap

Normal: 5k
Mutant: 43k~155k

Deal 1~4 damage to your hero and 2~4 damage to opponent hero.
12. Drag to Hell

Normal: 9k
Mutant: 140k

Kills a random creature on both battlefields.
13. Battle force:Nata

Normal: 1.3m
Mutant: N/A

+1 Attack every turn and each time when he is attacked. If he kills a target with a melee attack, deals damage equivalent to his Attack to creatures on the sides of the target.
14. Card Appraiser

Normal: 398k
Mutant: 421k~1.9m

[Dark] +1 at the end of a turn if there is an enemy creature with 2 or higher rarity on the battlefield. Banishes an enemy with 1 or less rarity every turn.
15. Holy Spear

Normal: 32k
Mutant: N/A

Destroy all creatures.
16. Trap in the Castle

Normal: 20k
Mutant: 108k~156k

Summon a Trap on your battlefield.
17. Goblin Bomb Squad

Normal: 8k
Mutant: 230k~558k

When dies, deals 10 damage to the creature in front of it.
18. Lisa Lovelock

Normal: 189k
Mutant: N/A

Has 2 Energy. +1 Energy every turn. When killed, deals as much damage as its Energy on a creature in front and the opponent hero.
19. Mage: 39-years-old

Normal: 36k
Mutant: 110k~240k

After 10 turns, deal 10 damage to your hero every turn.
20. Barbarian

Normal: 6k
Mutant: 64k~156k

If HP is lower than 6, +2 Attack every turn.
21. Mirror Ghost

Normal: 12k
Mutant: 118k~390k

When summoned, summons 1 fake Mirror Ghost(s). When the real one is destroyed, the others are destroyed as well.
22. Watcher of the Forest:Genie

Normal: 516k
Mutant: 707k~4.8m

Every time your opponent plays a card that is not [Nature], summons a trap with 3 HP and switches places.
23. Bullfighter

Normal: 17k
Mutant: 367k~750k

Summons a Charging Bull in the farthest empty slot when summoned. Every time it switches slots with Charging Bull, [Gold] +1.
24. Magician:Masked Field

Normal: 38k
Mutant: 128k~1.4m

Summons Assistant:Anna when summoned, and puts Anna into the Cutting Box just before she dies.
25. Fiery Zealot

Normal: 11k
Mutant: 300k

When dies, deals 10 damage to the creature in front of it.
26. Persona: Scathach

Normal: 2.3m
Mutant: N/A

After turn, transforms into Witch:Skaha.
27. Witch:Chesha

Normal: 472k
Mutant: 603k~2.3m

Restores a card from any grave and turns a random opponent into a level 1 Black Cat. If no card is sent back to a hand, summons a random cat creature.
28. Persona: Arisha

Normal: 1.5m
Mutant: N/A

Has 1 Energy. When targeted by a spell, consume 1 Energy and cancel the spell. +1 Attack every turn.

Normal: 454k
Mutant: N/A

If the opponent's battlefield is empty when it's summoned, then summons Gii; if not, Nago. Friendly Gii and Nago deal 4 damage on the opponent's battlefield upon death.

Normal: 36k
Mutant: N/A

Summons 1 Taokaka Decoys. Friendly Taokaka performs a long-distance attack on the target after it attacks.